Admin abouse again on ZPS

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  1. Admin abouse again on ZPS

    Hi everybody,

    can somebody stopping tom hacker? He is still using speedhack and nobody can't stop him.
    And his music is bad I think..., please take it to your heart and stop him.

    His name was ingame "Mephiles The Dark (Tom Hackers)"
    Mephiles The Dark (Tom Hackers): ?? ? ?? ??????? ???????? ? ???? ??????)
    version : 3470 secure 
    udp/ip  :
    map     :  zps_cabin_b5_r2 at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
    players :  18 (20 max)
    # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state
    # 2870 "Mephiles The Dark (Tom Hackers)" STEAM_0:1:11859631 21:34 139 0 active

    Thank you very much indeed.
  2. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS

    Firstly i know why you hate me... Becouse when i'm online you can't do teamkill?
    Yes i use HLDJ...
    And know last:
    This is not speedhack, this is sv_airaccelerate -15 (normal is 15)
    Why i did that for 5 min?
    Well i was ALONE on server and i called mah friends to play with me... Well i enabled for 5 min testmode and airaccelerate to take some fun with them, then when player count was more then 8 people (so not my friends come too) i disabled all and now we play normal. Any casualtise or problems? No.

    p.s. morning... booring ;)

    And that: Players: 18 (max 20) lol there was no more than 8 on server you taked that "Code" after ~20 min when server become full and i did that like hour ago.

    Music: From Sonic OVA and in last frame we see that lucky said: he is right about air_accelerate.
  3. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS

    Watched it and i know air/wateraccelerate stuff, used for surf maps.
    Please dont use HLDJ or when you do, *ask* them if they want it, it will just piss some off, as music is always a personal taste :)
  4. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS

    Only 2 people hyper panic and lucky didnt know me. And only them disliked my music from others :)
    Yes i don't make music for all - all time, just when only mah friends playing.

    P.s. my music Sonic theme xD (His World Zebrahead from Sonic next gen, Sonic OVA and so on xD)
  5. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS

    No offence Tom but IMHO being an admin on the server isnt for you and for your mates.
  6. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS

    And i fully understand that, no mess.

    I play long time and much... But topic name even not correct "Admin abouse again on ZPS"
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    Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS


    tbh I don't think the admins are the main problem on zps, but it doesn't help morale when people start flying around, so try and keep it clean Tom >.<
  8. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS

    I'm really no one to decide but I've been an admin on many CSS servers and i remember situation when admin were using alpha thingy to make people invisible and not everyone was having fun as they did
  9. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS

    But as i understand server was full and people were playing normaly without his homour and noone asked him for that? huh...
  10. Re: Admin abouse again on ZPS


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