after the other night

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Benito, 27 Apr 2009.

  1. after the other night

    to be totally honest guys i was extremly hasty the other night as well as i've had alot of presonal issues which took its toll on me as it ended a relationship i had. but having time to reflect on what people have said maybe it is time for me to adhere to the changes and be available to help as i always was and still am. Oh btw i was a hellova drunk last night and i think that just made it worse so i will apologize to all and i hope i may be welcomed back.

    thanks Benito
  2. welcome back again :)
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Welcome back
  4. :D
  5. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: after the other night

    people go and come, what do i need do think about all this now, benito's back, yay but rays gone noo :(.
  6. Re: after the other night

    cheers guys :D

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