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Discussion in 'Administrator Applications' started by Alex Unknowed, 24 Jul 2018.

  1. In-game name: Alex Unknowed | SFM posters

    Steam ID:


    Game(s)/Service(s) you are applying for:
    TF2 Orange x3

    Why do you think you need admin:
    I'm applying to help out with the community. I've seen quite a few people breaking the rules, cheating, using racial slurs on in general just being loud and obnoxious in voice chat. Whenever that happens, most of the staff members aren't online and the players just have to deal with those people by themselves. I've tried to help out before by reporting those people on the servers to admins on steam while also providing proof.

    Why are you more suitable than other applicants:
    I'm mostly the same as other applicants but the only thing that would differentiate is how much time I spend on the server. I'm not really that active on the discord, I mostly read what people are talking about and if I see something that I can join in and talk about then I talk. I spend quite a lot of time on the TF2 server, almost am online every day for a few hours.

    Current and expected activity level on the games/services in question:
    I'm quite active on the TF2 server right now because it's summertime. When school starts, I won't be on every day due to the schoolwork but I'd still try to join every day for at least an hour or more.

    Current and expected activity level on Mumble or Discord:
    As I mentioned above, I'm not really active/talkative on the discord because I don't see any conversations to join in and talk about. The only mains things I do is post my latest art and check if I can pop in a conversation. I also look at the events tab to see if I can do things together with the community.

    Current and expected activity level on the forums:
    On the forums, I'm not active due I don't see anything new happening, no new post, no nothing.

    Any previous administrative experience:
    I haven't been an admin on a TF2 before but I used to be staff on a lot of Garry's Mod servers. For example DarkRP, deathrun,startwarsrp etc.
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  2. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Hey Alex.

    Thanks for your application, but at this time we're not looking for any new Admins.

    Also, if you would like to be considered for Admin, you should be more active in our Community. Not just on Orange, but in our Discord server as well.

    I know it might be a bit intimidating, as we have some big personalities in our Community, but we do welcome newcomers.

    So, be more active, give us a better chance to get to know you, and see where we are in a few months.

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