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  1. alt MOTD

    Hey all I made an alternative MOTD (message of the day ;-p) page

    Check it out, it has the blackboard background yet the style of HTML :-)

    I haven't tried it in-game yet, so haven't got a clue how it really looks
    And the image is crap because I'm a n00b with gimp XD

    @ Dark, I still don't think it competes with yours!
  2. Bun

    Re: alt MOTD

    Looks nice, the logo is shit though. =P
    Also, change the colors of the ranks! Can't see the difference!
  3. Re: alt MOTD

    lol I know the logo is shit XD

    and I copied the colours of Darks! :-o
  4. Bun

    Re: alt MOTD

    Make new colours then, can't see the difference. x3
    Also, styles/acidtech_tiger/imageset/headfor.png
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  5. Re: alt MOTD

    thanks bun but I think that's a bit too wide for it in-game, neway I think dark is playing around with it :-)
  6. Bun

    Re: alt MOTD

    Just resize it with html? =P
  7. Re: alt MOTD

    Resizing in HTML = unantialiased + shit quality :(

    OK, I'll change them now... :)

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