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    A bit confused by this setting, under heavy load will the GPU be at top performance when set into balanced mode?

    At idle the clock and memory speeds drop then go up accordingly when needed, if I changed this setting would that remove this idle state? Thanks

    Card: R9 270x OC 2GB

  2. -M-m- herpderp

    nope its just increasing quality of stuff like mipmapping, texture quality etc. i prefer to do that stuff manually myself
    (On average it differs 9 to 30 fps depending on how you set it from standard settings when you go down and can decrease the framerate in a similar fashion when you turn up the settings for a bit sharper graphics.)
    i myself keeps mip mapping and texture settings on high and just let the game do the rest.
    (i set this up via the catalyst window myself in the advanced settings and not in the right click menu.)
    • My amd vision engine control center isn't showing GPU settings and when i uninstall my drivers for my graphics cards my system reboots ... GPU & CrossfireX enabled, but card is idle for all of my games and other problems.
  3. -M-m- herpderp

    Are you looking in the advanced settings? and is the monitor or monitors connected too the gpu itself ? so you arent using it on the motherboards ports expecting the amd gpu to work while connected too the wrong component :P
    Or are you using a laptop ? (would be helpful writing down that stuff.)

    If it is a laptop connect your charger and check the power settings in the amd catalyst and windows energysettings.
    Id also consider reinstalling the drivers for the graphics card.
    Go get the most recent ones for your card while you are at it incase it turns out your drivers are corrupt or missing files thus not showing anything that you are looking for.

    Also what components is it in your pc? (motherboard,powersupply,graphicscard,processor etc...)
    (Could be helpful writing it all down in case something like the motherboard has issues with that gpu, due too that bios the motherboard shipped with being too old or having compability issues.)

    Also try putting it in any load with something like Furmark while monitoring the temperatures in something like Hwmonitor
    The purple download buttons are the right ones on that site with hwmonitor btw that says either *setup or the other one mentioning zip*.

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