And what you would do?

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  1. And what you would do?

    This theme by and large for a contingent of players GM taking a great interest Zombie Panic. ____________ CAN I And I REPEAT? ____________ and what you would do if unexpectedly in your city have appeared zombies and you the neighbour five minutes ago nearly has not separated to you a head? The Request to show imagination and become serious to concern to a question (it will probably rescue lives to millions =))) :D
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    I think I understand the question... I think you are asking, "What would you do if, suddenly, zombies started showing up in your community, and your neighbour came along and tried to eat your brain (a la "Shaun of the Dead")?"

    And then you are saying that this is a serious question, and our imaginitive answers will probably save millions of lives.

    In that situation, I would not be concerned about millions of lives. I would be concerned with GETTING THE F**K OUT OF THERE. Save yourselves, bitches!

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    ok. And how you represent yourself? You Think the weapon everywhere in streets will be fall? Kind spirits have scattered?
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    Well theres a easy plan to it. I would go to tesco they have like everything there, clothes / food / weps / tv / sleeping (you can make a bed out of tables and clothes :mrgreen: ) anything and everything plus maybe even find a lady to repopulate the world ;)

    Or maybe you could just go nuts and hammer the hell out of zombies that would be fun also.

    But the main plan is to survive so just hold up in a super market and find some women for Operation Repopulation.

    Unless your talking about those new lame fast running zombies nowerdays, if that happened most of us are pretty much screwed but to be honest i rock so i think i will be ok :D

    not like you tails goddamn midget lol

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    haha, I would do that if I get a safe place somewhere.

    but meh will get a flamethrower for a local hardware store and burn teh zombies alive, as there's not guns shop here(UK) so flamethrower, my option. :)
    and start letting the others hittin teh zombies while they burnt alive!

    and when I run out out gas for the flamethower, I get a 4x4 Mitsubishi Pajero fill the tank up at my local Asda Petrol station and drive far away. (only if UK infected)
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    Re: And what you would do?

    screem and die
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    tru dat.
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    i would get out my rocketlauncher and start rocketjumping around and kill everyone.

    seriously? i can't take this topic serious.
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  10. Re: And what you would do?

    MePhi100FeL I LOVE your English style! It's fucking brilliant! L M F A O! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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