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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Reverend, 5 Jun 2008.

  1. Reverend lame

    another game

    what another game you play? :)
    my list is now:
    World in Conflict
    C&C Generals Zero Hour
    sometimes FIFA
  2. Bun

    Re: another game

    DODS (Not much)
    Monkey Island III.
  3. Re: another game

    at the moment TF2 exclusively.

    But i used to play other single player sci-fi shooter:
    HL2 (didn't like too much)
    Doom (did like very much)
    Prey (best fucking single player shooter ever)
    Jericho (amazing idea, poor realization, still great fun)
    Farcry (not so much sci-fi but one of my favorites)

    Supreme Commander (best RTS game ever, but i'm a weak RTS player)

    The one and only: Quake III (Arena)

    after prey i didn't find the time for shooting so i'm not aware of all this new DirectX10 stuff like Crysis.
  4. Re: another game

    Eve Online
  5. Re: another game

    no one lifes forever2
    Jedi knight II
    dungeon keeper
    p.s. myke: total anihilation was much better then supreme commander
  6. Re: another game

    CSS ;)
    HL2 is TEH GAME, and episode 2 looks *WOOT*
    also used to play Empires and Sourceforts, 2 HL2 mods.

    but only TF2 atm.
  7. Re: another game

    Alongside of TF2?

    Half-Life 2 (Episode 2, work in progress)
    Action Quake 2
    Quake 2 (speedrunning ftw :mrgreen:, and multiplayer ofc)
    Civilization 4 (ooh, now this is THE game to play when you get fed up of crit rockets!)

    Phew, I consider myself a hardcore gamer when it comes to how many games you play, well.. at least I did before Team Fortress 2 took over. :roll:
    So I took the liberty of expanding the topic and listing games that I played before TF2, incase anyone cares. (i'm bored, sorry :cry:)

    Noone Lives Forever (multiplayer when there's some games going on, pretty much dead)
    Quake 3
    Civilization 4 (ooh, now this is THE game to play when you get fed up of crit rockets!)
    Counter-Strike (sometimes)
    Titan Quest
    SNES Emulator (hell yeah! :lol:)
    Bioshock (everyone should try Bioshock)
    Assassin's Creed
    The Max Payne series
    The Hitman series
    Rainbow Six: Las Vegas
    The Freespace series (:lol:)
    Diablo 2
    Thief 2
    foobar2000 (24/7)
    Frets on Fire

    That's a big block of text, there. :shock:
    Yup, I would say I played all those games regularly before TF2.
    The reason I play so many games must have something to do with the fact that about 6 month ago I got a new PC, and my old PC was like SHIT. :lol:
    It was some 2.4ghz intel junk, and couldn't even run Quake2 with a decent constant FPS, now that was sad.

    Ahh, a good chunk of time wasted.
  8. Re: another game

    it was much simpler and very addictive. But SupCom is a much better game. Very complex. I have two friends that play it excessively online, and they are both pretty good. That game has much more depth than every other RTS i know. It's just not the C&C like arcade tank rush game TA was.

    But as we all know, opinions may differ...
  9. Reverend lame

    Re: another game

    crysis is cool, but my computer not so i cant play it :(

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