Are You Ready....

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  1. Are You Ready....

    Watch the Clan Frag Video via high quality streaming Flash

    The GM frag video is on its way.

    The first video for Gaming Masters will feature the following players:


    i would like to thank these players for taking the itme to record and submit the demos to me.

    I hope the video meet your expectations and more.

    I have included a few screen shots from the video and i will post hte link tomorrow once the upload is complete.

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    Looks really professional. Can't wait to see it in full.

    Many thanks again for this superb effort mate :)
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    (What he said) :)
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    Just watched the whole thing and wow, it is amazing!

    I rate it 15/10

    Excellent editing skills mate

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    review from an australian clan mate and ex housemate

    Dr. lectroburn |MD|: good vid
    Dr. lectroburn |MD|: good tunes
    Dr. lectroburn |MD|: good gameplay
    Dr. lectroburn |MD|: pwnage multikills
    Dr. lectroburn |MD|: *SPEEDWANK*

    i his last line doesnt make sense the image will

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    Thx god for the shower, so I can do something useful in the 12 mins waiting time :D
  7. Bun

    Re: Are You Ready....

    That was awesome, loved it. :D
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    I'm having a weird problem trying to extract the 7z - no matter where I tell it to extract, what software I use or whether it has admin privileges, it just refuses to appear in the destination directory. :S
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    jump on steam mate
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    OK never mind - I managed to get it to extract. :)

    The video is absolutely incredible - I rate it 999999999 / 10! :D
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    terrible you bad boy ;-)
    I gave you my 3in1-kill, and you place it at the end (nice indeed), AND YOU SHOW THE FULL THING, only because you are the HEAVY KILLING ME AFTER!!1

    Nice vid though :P
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    only another gm could of stopped u ;p
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    ? video link broken?
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    thanks, that link now works, that you gave me.

    good video

    anyway when are the clan applications gonna be open?
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    Seeing as our new servers are coming tomorrow... I'm opening applications now... :D
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    Looks nice man!
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    ty mate :D
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    Very nicely put together - love the first track as well :)

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