ATI 5850 HD

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  1. ATI 5850 HD

    has any one got one and if so what are your opinions as i just ordered one
  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    A hell of alot better than the recent shit with nVidia, thats for sure..
  3. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    You failed hard buying that crap card ^^

    In Dec/Jan there will be the GTX380 that will just fuck the Ati card in the ass, ill buy 2 of them. :P
  4. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    Its a good card, with excellent price/performance ratio.
    Plus it has DX11 support (if you fancy that)

    Okay, GTX380-400-??? will be better, but also twice/trice as expensive too
  5. Re: ATI 5850 HD

    ^This - and it will most likely consume so much power that it will need it's own power plant to run it... Oba is getting his neighbours to turn off their electricity nearer the time so that he can use his new cards ;P
  6. Re: ATI 5850 HD

    well i forgot to mention this card is free so in 6 months time i already plan to upgrate to 2x the above mentioned cards which ill also get free. i get a free copy of dirt 2 with it aswell upon steam release as it will be the 1st dx11 game out
  7. Re: ATI 5850 HD

    im just hoping it will run well on win 7 with drivers etc. its gonna kick the crap put of my current 9500gt

    my setup is basically:
    i7 920 d0
    foxconn bloodrage motherboard
    corsair hx 850w modular psu
    ocz ddr3 1600 6gb tri channel

    so hopefully it will fit nicely.

    would i gain any advantage using hdmi over dvi
  8. Re: ATI 5850 HD

    :OO! Wish I got 'em for free... T.T
  9. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    Er .... not.

    It is allready known, that the GTX380 will only consume a bit more than a GTX285 is, + it will have monstrous 512 MIMD shaders (NOT SIMD any longer), a 384Bit Interface combined with 1,5 Gigs (1,5 are "rumoured, because of the "werid" interface 1,5 or/and 3 Gig of VRAM would be the optimium in theory) of very high clocked GDDR5 VRAM and some pretty high Core and shader clocks.

    This card is becoming a real monster, its nVidia first new design in 3 years (last new chip was the G80 of the 8800 GTX, the G92 [GeForce 9] and the GT200 [GTX2xx] were nothing but redesigns and/or "bigger" versions of the G80, the G300 is a real new architecture, the step from SIMD to MIMD alone is kinda stunning), and in theory it is more than double as fast as a GTX285, which means that it will pulverize the HD5870.
  10. Re: ATI 5850 HD

    I knew that saying that would provoke a massive rant from you Oba xD

    I'll just buy whatever is best for my budget -- I never spend more than £200 on a single piece of hardware since the price:performance ratio just goes to shit after that... :/
  11. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    Not really, its both digital transmission.
    HDMI can support Audio though.

    Sure, GTX380 is nice, but also expensive. New chip design, really complex.. high cost (and first yield succes rate was 7%...)
  12. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    That 7% (to correct you: it was more 7 chips out of 4 wafers, which makes a yield rate of under 2% ;) ) were a product of the internet rumour mechanism. A mistake of an (asian) Hardware Site has been mistranslated into english, and the "shocking" news of a yield rate of 2% was spreading through the whole internet within a few hours, in fact its just not true. AMD and nVidia both have to face the same imperfect Yield rate, buts its NOT @ 2% xD

    Its not us that have to worry about the high complexity of the new design, since were used to expanive nVidia High ENd cards we wont even notice a difference at the price ^^.

    Well, anyways: The GTX380 is supposed to start at arround 550-600€ (will decrease the following weeks of course, just like everytime before), and will outperform the HD5870 by 50-70% (average) of more FPS in any Game, + it will have some very awesome new feature, like a new Anti Aliasing hybrid mode, an even more improved anisotrope filtering algorythm (very "smooth" frames with almost no flimmering textures left) and some cool GPGPU funcionalitys, its rumoured, that will bring an SDK that will easily allow to port any C++ code to the 512 MIMD shaders (which can each perform 3 instructions per clock as a "mini CPU" or "SPU" or whatever you wanna call it) of the GPU.

    To sum it up: Insane power, almost the same power consumption as the GTX285 (which also means a not noisy cooling system), even more improved graphics quality (AA/AF modi) and some kewl GPGPU funcionality (to fuck Intels paper tiger "Larrabee" in the ass before it has even been launched).

    Oh, and nVidia started some cooperations with bigger Software companys like Adobe to bring native GPU-use to all the known standart software to incredibly improve the softwares speed (have you ever worked on a CUDA-boosted Photoshop ?! OMG!!!! so fast o_O !!). Encoding for example is just blowing your mind, one of my (former -.-) GTX285 was 10 times (or more, donno, its fast !!!! xD) faster than my i7 at encoding some HD Anime episodes.
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    Should I be regretting buying a GTX 275? D:

    (To replace an 8800 GTS 640mb)
  14. Gaw discord is my friend now

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    Dude, I've got a fucking Geforce 9500gs that runs at about 65c when playing TF2. So you can piss off with all your fancy cards :sigh:
  15. Re: ATI 5850 HD

    Good glass sphere Oba
    you are (maybe?) the first person worldwide who knows the performance of the new GT300 :)
    There are still no benchmarks or tests available at this time, as well as there are only infos up with some core details (like you mentioned), theoretically known is the performance for CUDA to compare it with the Gt200 core.
    So, saying the GT300 will be 50%-70% faster than the 5870 is just nonsense and untrue.

    Would like to see the sources, I may sell them to hardware sites...
    because all the large of them havent the sources you have ;)
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    maybe oba is from the future
  17. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    How about calculating ?!

    Worked perfectly with the last few GeForce and Radeon generations, the average performance of the HD5870 was known with the specifications, before any benchmarks were known, same will be with the GTX380, where the specs are known now for more tham a week, since a technial presentation. And from the pure specs its the performance i posted, we were calculating a bit in the Hardware Forums about it, and this is pretty much what we can expect. Some things like the influence of the new MIMDs just cant be calculated, but from things like ammount of shaders, core memory and shader clock, interface and kind of GDDR you can precast the average performance, it just worked with the HD5870 again. =)
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  19. Re: ATI 5850 HD

    I lol'd xD
  20. Poxie Ray-Banned

    Re: ATI 5850 HD

    Oba you're such a geek, and an nvidia fangermanboy

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