Awards ?

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by XOo, 3 Nov 2008.

  1. XOo

    Awards ?

    about the awards well they aren´t working and haven´t worked in a while it says allways 17 october when u check the award bord just wana check, me wana a tiny award :D
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    Daily Awards (Friday 17 Oct.)


    Btw you have maaaany sniper awards...
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  4. XOo

    Re: Awards ?

    thank you core
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    Thank Dark too.
  6. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Awards ?

    How can you get these awards cuz I don't have any and I play in GM for 2 months now (?)
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    Most easy award is axeman, to win this award you need hole day kill everyone with axe, if you will have most kills in the end of day, you will win award, lol my awards: Shovel Beating, Shovel Beating, Shovel Beating, Shovel Beating, Shovel Beating...

    Btw about awards... axe: is only normal axe, or new (achievement one) axe is counting too?
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    both axes SHOULD count for it ;)
  9. Re: Awards ?

    Can someone confirm that they count? (Also same then with other weapon twins...)
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    i dont think they count, they should, but i have spoken with someone few months ago about that and they are not implemented in our hlstatsx, they are there in the official hlstatsx recent release, but ours stats are not updated cause are hughly modified (as i have been told), so no, they dont count (the only option is darki fixed it during the downtime, but dont know about it)
  11. Re: Awards ?

    We will be upgrading to HLStatsX Community Edition soon, which is in many ways far superior to the official version. I guess I'll have to modify the signature script again from scratch (this time with a monospaced font :P)
  12. Re: Awards ?

    OK, so i take it that they are not working now, but could be working when darki will upgrade it :)

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