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    just wanted to ask, i looked at the Awards hlstatx is giving to players and it came to my mind if the upgraded weapons are counted as well as the old ones - like if Fire Spitter must be with flamethrower or it could be done with backburner too

    thx for you answer
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    Hlstatsx awards points based on kills/assists/caps so it does not really matter what weapon it detects.

    The pyro's flamethrower/backburner will be detected as flamethrower.
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    ok, thx Core... by the way, did i see you on dustbowl yesterday?
  4. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Awards

    Core was trying to fill up our new rotation servers, so you might have, HlstatsX will not give you a flame thrower award for killing with the backburner seeing as they are counted as different weapons in HLstatsX now.
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    Can it be altered somehow so the awards count the new weapons too? (It will be the same with heavy etc update if the new weapon won't suck) Like the award would be flamethrower OR backburner
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    currently it's the same for all new weapons. There is no kill icon for the unlock weapons too...
    I think there will be a HlstatsX update soon, but better be careful with it xD
  7. Bun

    Re: Awards

    I don't care about the awards, just for showoff. :s
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    yeah, but it's nice to have them :) /me like awards :)
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

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    There's no icon but HLstatsX knows that the backburner/ubersaw/blutsauger/axtingusiher/flare gun is being used ... er&game=tf
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    Yeah don't worry about it, you will get points no matter what weapon you are using.
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    seems like everyone is saying sth else :) i know i'll get points for killing with whatever weapon, but i don't know if it is possible to get Awards with new weapons - cause it always say "xxx kills with flamethrower" and i didn't ever see a backburner there... so there are two possibilities - a) you can get the award only with flamethrower, b) you can get the award with backburner too, but hlstatx will always show it as a flamethrower due to fixed string where it is written
  13. Reverend lame

    Re: Awards

    vidim ze jsi cech takze je to zalozene na poctech killu ( hodnost) a stats wards jsou na poctu nejvyssich killu za den ci uberu... a pocita to vsechny zbrane;)
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    dobre, tak ja jdu zkusit jeste nejaky killy s back burnerem a uvidime :) dnes bych jich uz tak 80 mel mit...

    bydlis v nemecku?
  15. Reverend lame

    Re: Awards

    jo bydlim v nemecku hehe :)
  16. Re: Awards

    no ja jen ze mas nemeckou IP :)

    by the way, i checked yesterday's awards and the backburner doesnt count - i did a little bit of a competition with Geiti's brother |GM| Uka-Uka as pyros and we both have more than 100 kills with backburner for sure and yesterday's winner has only 88 kills

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