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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Gaw, 23 Aug 2009.

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    Whoop whoop @ five dead ringers >.>
  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

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    I have 8 dead ringers :cawg:
  3. Longbow Victorique <3

  4. Jagamuta Cabbage was here!

  5. Gaw discord is my friend now

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    Does anyone here have a glengarry bonnet/scotsman's stove pipe/tyrant's helm/stainless pot/officer's ushanka/vintage tyrolean they want to trade for any of my hats? :<
  7. Gaw discord is my friend now

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    But there is no trading :wat:
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    There might be soon :P Valve said so on a blog post about 3 months ago, it'd be about time to release the trading system >.>
  9. Longbow Victorique <3

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    Not much point. No difference in them >.>
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    But you look totally cool with them as random item levels were removed recently so a level 78 ambassador is much less common than a level 5, because lvl 5 is the fixed level <3
  11. Bulletproof Last one alive, Lock the door.

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    ive got a 98 syringe gun :O
  12. Reag My name is an anagram for a reason

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    Me and my 72 and 73 level sandviches, I feel special having those two.
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    Fastjohn What the fux is Cheater's lament?
    EDIT: I know what it is! It's for the peoples who are "good" and not been using Idling program! :(
  14. Oli

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