Balancing Teams

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  1. XOo

    Balancing Teams

    When u play on the servers maybe u should balance the teams a little and have no so many [GM] members at the same team just saying, u can have some i was playing before the were to unbalance they were u couldnt even win a game and i know im [GM] just telling i was in the loosing team :( just try to balange the team
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    yea I get your point, I sometimes change over and try balance it. ;)
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    I just love playing with a group of GM players and regulars, as they know the maps, know whats needed, work as a team and they talk :)
    When I log onto which is game which is stacked my heart says join my friends, but my head says join the losing team :(

    At least I get chance to kill you all in a humane way :)

  4. XOo

    Re: Balancing Teams

    y its fun to play with the [GM] members but when the team are so unbalanced and u are allways winning u need to think about switiching the teams a little or something.
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    I get a special kick out of managing to kill a [GM] member (especially Sandman, hihihihi...), BUT - when there´s nothing but [GM]´s on the other side, we "normals" tend to get pwnt quite hard, and the fun of playing kinda slips away. Not being able to get out of base is not what I would describe as fun. AND - at the end of the day - FUN is why we all began to play games in the first place. ;)

    There should be a system - similar to team autobalance - which automatically balances the number of [GM]´s on each team, heh.

    EDIT: I did manage to headshot XO yesterday - TWICE. \o/
  6. eoN

    Re: Balancing Teams

    To be honest, I play PUBs for fun, nothing more nothing less.

    I think spawn camping should be a kick able offense to EVERYONE.

    I don't really understand why the maps are so easy to spawn camp...

    Also the team balancing needs fixed, I'd say use HLStatsX but then it would be by the quantity rather than the quality which isn't always fair. Maybe use KpD to autobalance, would that be possible? Just don't use rank or it will end up unfair 50% of the time because GM has some regulars but alot of people aren't regulars.
  7. XOo

    Re: Balancing Teams

    congrats Halloween i think u should be in the top10 :D
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    Well I have a pretty low KpD because most of the time I play medic so that would not be very fair.An admin could be able to balance the games if necessary though.
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    will look for something then, already seen a team balance plugin, where admins can swap players and stuff.
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    most of the time i try to join the GM's because i sorta know the guys and i can team fairly nice w/ them, but when there's no other option but to fight against them i do my best to manage the losing team and try to lead them to victory.
    And ofcourse it's a real challenge to fight you guys, and i surprise my self quite a lot of times by sometimes dominating some of you.

    but yeah, some sort of extra balancing might be a good idea sometimes.
    On the payload maps that wont be needed though, since when teh maps switch the teams also get mixed up.
    Infact, the balance thing is needed only on those 24/7 one map servers.
  11. eoN

    Re: Balancing Teams

    Im sure ive said this to someone before, but why the hell doesnt HLStatsX not include healing in the points system or why doesnt it give the play 10 points for every uber or whatever and maybe double points for kill assists while ubered :S That would be rather cool actually, if you steal this idea gimme credit! :P :D
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Balancing Teams

    It parses the console log (I think), and from what i remember the console doesn't spit out info on healing.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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    ubercharges are points, and kill assists are points too. That's enough, i got to top with medic once, it's possible.
  14. eoN

    Re: Balancing Teams

    Also i think the whole rank system shouldnt be points of all time, why not make it ranked per day? Then everyone stands a chance of getting to number one, or maybe make it to do with skill and not play time... Because we are lucky that we have skilled players at the top ranks but to be honest there are people in the clan that are alot better than them but just because they dont play on the server that much they arent highly ranked. Maybe make 2 ranking systems like one for highest KpD (has to have over 100 kills to avoid people joining the server and playing for 2 minutes and getting 16 kills then leaving hense giving them a KpD of 16.

    Would this work or maybe make this a kind of award thats broadcasted somewhere so it says Highest KpD of the day is: <winners name> kind of thing? Would be interesting to see who wins.

    Also make one for medics like most assists or most ubers or whatever floats their boats
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    Crediting points for healing would be extremely unfair.
  16. eoN

    Re: Balancing Teams

    Yeah it would kinda go against the quality not quantity rule...

    Hmm i dunno maybe make it for KapU? xD Kill assists per uber. But then thats to do with others skill more than medics
  17. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Balancing Teams

    Nomad used to have an extremely complex ranking method that took all of this into account and more, but it is just difficult to maintain.

    Core, last time I medic u - feel my fire from now on....
  18. XOo

    Re: Balancing Teams

    y I got my self to the top with medic to its to easy to go to the top with medic, just took me seven days to get to first place.
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    though you have pretty nice kpd, so no doubt you're an excellent player, XO :)
  20. Re: Balancing Teams

    *rushes headlong to the patent office*

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