BBall and the GM match server.

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  1. eoN

    BBall and the GM match server.

    I was thinking, TF2 is severely lacking in BBall servers (only 2 that i know of) so why doesn't GM make one?


    [*]More reputation with higher skill players
    [*]Gives |GM| demomen and soldiers a good place to improve aim quickly but without having to join non-GM servers ;)
    [*]Easy to fill (Give it a week, if it keeps a good ping and at least 1 person on it it should fill with in 5 minutes)
    [*]This would also be great fun ;)
    [*]I don't think BBall takes up that much CPU on the dedi because it is only 3v3 (max players)


    [*]Would require a few weeks of GM filling it (just to get it noticed, after a few weeks it should fill itself)
    [*]Would require a class limit plug in (Only soldiers and demos should be allowed otherwise it just turns into an idiot fest)


    Also, the GM match server...

    Things that need to change if F is going to be able to start using it when the voi server disappears (it only has a few days left (to my knowledge))

    [*]Remove DarkiSocks from the match server, nothings worse than when your playing a match and someone spams DarkiSocks...
    [*]Remove SM, match server commands should all be done through RCON, otherwise we cant use it for ETF2L.
    [*]Fix the lag, its still happening and still as annoying as ever.

    (I can't think of any other things atm)

    Please post in here any other things that need changed with the match server that have forgotten and I'll try to add them to the list.


    Also post your opinions on GM having a dedicated BBall server, it would take some effort to fill at first but its great fun and is GREAT for practicing.

    (Disclaimer- All of this is just an idea so don't expect the leaders to do it I'm just curious what people think about it and if they agree maybe the leaders will think about it ;)

    PS. The BBall server should be public ;)


    Edit: With the BBall server, if GM does decide to make one please have a trial of at least a month.
  2. XOo

    Re: BBall and the GM match server.

    This is a good idea but I´m trying practicing scout and sniper so, bball is for fun :D
  3. Re: BBall and the GM match server.

    For the match server, these commands need to be run via RCON:

    rcon exec etf2l.cfg
    rcon exec sm_warmode_on.cfg (only run this once)
    rcon sm plugins list (check to see if the 5 minimum plugins are running, otherwise the admin menu GUI will not function)

    if no plugins appear to be loaded, run:

    rcon exec sm_warmode_off.cfg
    rcon exec sm_warmode_on.cfg
    rcon sm plugins list (check to see if the 5 minimum plugins are running)

    I noticed that if you exec sm_warmode_on.cfg twice it disables all plugins so turn it off then on again.
  4. Re: BBall and the GM match server.

    XO, nothing about scout/sniper there. Believe me, you wont be able to fill a server without class limits, restricting it either to solly only or solly+demoman.
  5. eoN

    Re: BBall and the GM match server.

    My point is there is no need for SM mod on the match server, so turn it off completely :P just use basic rcon commands
  6. Re: BBall and the GM match server.

    Our servers share a directory per game and we aren't about to change that - maintaining 3 copies of every sourcemod plugin I write is hard enough already :P

    I will look into ways of unloading sourcemod on the match server automatically :)
  7. Re: BBall and the GM match server.

    We spoke about having BBall on the match server when it wasn't in use at a leader meeting about a week ago - I think it's a good idea, as long as we can set class limits...
  8. eoN

    Re: BBall and the GM match server.

    Yeah but a dedicated GM BBall server would be great, its almost no CPU because it would be max 6 slots... its fun, easy to fill, great practice... I don't see why we dont have one ^^

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