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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jack-Fin, 27 Apr 2008.

  1. Brief greeting


    I'm the newest clan member, and came to write my first greeting to the forum. I'm TF2 maniac from Finland and I usually play medic character. While ago I found myself playing in GM servers and really liked the atmosphere. As for medic it's really important to me to play with the people who know how to play TF2 as a team and not just as a everyday shooting up (even I have to admit that I like it too time to time). Like I told earlier I've played a Medic quite a bit, but still I find myself liking sniping too (this is usually when I play "just shooting up").

    Thank you for Core and Darkimmortal accepting me.


    P.S. sorry for all grammar mistakes and typos... they just never stop hunting me :p Please be free to correct me with my writing, as I hate making mistakes, hehe...
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    Hello and a warm welcome to the GM clan. We hope you enjoy your stay here. Any questions? Feel free to ask :D
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    Great news :), this guy is awesome 8-)
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    From request of Core, here are few samples of my earlier art. You can make psychological valuation who you're playing with from these ;)

    First some photoshop rapes (I ask forgiveness from ppl who created the orginal photos and art :p)

    Feeling after daily work

    Me after shooting the 15th miss shot as a sniper

    My favorite pet

    Loading some energy before TF2

    Now you should start being scared ;p

    This happens when u die in TF2. Respawning

    ...and finally the ugly suprise
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    and here is the second one... (for those who haven't had heartattack by now).

    ...some art work I made at work. And yes, computer-support person should never have this much spare time ;) ...and spare package materials

    Close ups

    Iron Maide


    The first one... hangman

    Electric chair


    and no, haven't had this much spare time for years ;)
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    SICK DUDE :o
    you're scary :?
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    and the break the image of full daily maniac... here's the one with no blood, gore and violence :p


    end of greeting :D
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    Lelcome on the dark side of Wife :lol:
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    welcome to the clan

    theose pics are odd but i still lol'd at them especially the models.

    im guessing you have patrick bateman on speed dial hehe. jj.
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    at one time I was really horror book/movie freak. Now that wave has calmed down ;) Though, still it would be very interesting to be able to make horror movie someday :)

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