Bug Or Weird feature.

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    Bug Or Weird feature.

    when i was looking through the controls.. i was SPY change cloak type.
    i put a key to it and tried it. (example } )

    i was a blue spy and..
    i found out the when you go as spy to your "cloak weapon" (where you choose as what you disguise). and you press }.
    the red chars you see became blue.

    and then i was a blue spy. who could disguise in a blue demoman as example..

    i dont really know why you can do that but anyway its funny feature ;).
  2. Re: Bug Or Weird feature.

    You can hide in your teammates to make enemy team think that you haven't spy at your team.
  3. Re: Bug Or Weird feature.

    it a trick :twisted:

    yes tom right
  4. Ash

    Re: Bug Or Weird feature.

    best use ive had out of it when i was playing around with it was I was a blue spy.. diguised as a red spy.. while standing near the eanmy i diguised as a blue spy.. and they just thought I was a red spy on their team desguising as a blue spy.. but really I was a blue spy disguised as a red spy pretending to disguise as a blue spy xD

    ^^^ Confusion ftw.. ive only had it work once though because half the time you have some backburner pyro running around screaming "spy check" setting fire to anything that moves :P

    as blue though your whole team could go spy and disguise as scout and wait at the gates.. and the eanmy team would expect a scout rush and then all just stealth in xD
  5. Th-

    Re: Bug Or Weird feature.

    Disguising in your team's colors has its purpose yes
  6. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Bug Or Weird feature.

    hmm never tried it. shall give it a try :)

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