burn thy witch

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  1. Vendetta GM's better half

    burn thy witch

    ok so continue with my lifestyle at the moment, basically to stop me eating junk after gym I need to immerse myself in something.

    so basically which mmog should I sign up to

    options are:

    EvE On-Line
    Lord of the Rings On-line
    World of Warcraft
    City of Heroes/villains (or wait for the upcoming Champions on-line)
    Final fantasy XI

    these are the ones I have tried in the past feel free to suggest others :)
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: burn thy witch

    My experiences with MMO's isn't great, i've only ever played SW:G and Runescape(Eugh) and EVE(Snoozefest.). I loved SW:G, my account there is 4 years old, but sadly it's probably going to be forced to shut down soon because of the new SW MMO. Runescape, obviously, is crap. EVE was alright, but got boring, fast.

    Anyway, sorry i couldn't contribute more.
  3. Re: burn thy witch

    in the unlikely event you're a stargate fan or want to at least try the game there's a new mmorpg coming out called stargate worlds
  4. Re: burn thy witch

    So basically you're trying to cut down on the junk food you're going to replace it with something worse? :)

    My advice is: stay the hell away from mmo's.
  5. Re: burn thy witch


    Play more TF2 and do things that are productive! Don't bother with silly MMORPGs -- I've played Age Of Conan and WoW -- I got REALLY bored REALLY fast in WoW because it was just the same thing, and with AoC it was such a stress on my machine (which is fairly decent) that frame rates dropped into single figures whenever something happened :S
  6. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: burn thy witch

    if ur an idiot: Tibia/runescape
    If you want too die without a GF: tibia/runescape or WoW
    If you want to live a rl life:guildwars.
    If you want a game based on skills: The Chronicles of spellborn
    The Chronicles of spellborn is a relative new game, not even a year old. Its quiet good in my opinion (I was one of the first 10 dutch people to play it)
    And it;s based on skills, not on having the best armor from ur friend.

    Btw, I have played just about ALL mmo's there are xD

    Even ROSE, Tibia, WoW (still play it :O) Guildwars (got all of it.) and FLYFF (yea, I'm sick.)
  7. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: burn thy witch

    what if i want something non taxing to relax to and looks pretty :P
  8. Re: burn thy witch

    Yeah I've played about every single MMO in existence (up to released ~a year ago) which is why I felt like I can say what I said earlier. :)
    There are a few not-so-bad mmo's but they often get boring after a while of playing. Examples are Lineage II & Guild Wars. They require a minimum amount of dedication but it's a lot of the same thing over and over and over again ..

    Actually, I am going to suggest something, but it's not really an mmo per se and it's more of a casual game. Name is Rakion and it's basically a game where you choose between a barbarian, archer, warrior, ninja & mage and then fight other people in a real battle system (not the regular mmo stuff where the one who kicks with the biggest boots wins :P)

    Even though the game is really good, it really is not suited for playing a lot. It's best to just occasionally get a few games in :)

    Edit post for Vendetta: try Silkroad Online. The game is absolutely stunning and the music and sound are awesome. The gameplay is pretty bad though but it's a good game to just chill a bit :)
  9. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: burn thy witch

    Anarchy online free !!1 :o

  10. Re: burn thy witch

    Age of Conan - it's like World of Warcraft with pretty graphics and less addictiveness.
  11. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: burn thy witch

    sorry to say, silkroad sucks.
  12. Re: burn thy witch

    I already said that but she asked for good graphics :D
  13. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: burn thy witch

    Well "insert random MMO here" and add your +sucks. :) either they get people stuck forever or you just hate them right away. Either how its not worth spending money on, to get a good character you must sacrifice lots of time.

  14. LienK Wat

    Re: burn thy witch

    LienK = Huge Stargate fan! (avatar 8-)) Didnt know there is a SG MMORPG coming, awesome news :D.

    + it's made by Funcom 8-) (Norwegian)

    And whaaaat!? How can you say Runescape sucks? It's awesome! I don't play it anymore but used to play it a lot a couple of years ago. Was good fun, I think I'm at lvl 100.

    I've only got experience with WoW and EVE. Never actually paid for any of them though (WoW private server and EVE 14 day trial).
    WoW is good fun for a month or so, then it gets boring. And I don't think that's got anything to do with playing on a private server, cus there was plenty of people there.
    I'm sure EVE is fun when you've played it a while and gotten used to the whole system, but when I started I found it to be too big, lol. Too much to learn, and I just want to get straight to the playing.
  15. Re: burn thy witch

    I knew you were a stargate fan, the earth symbol gives it away.

    Runescape classic was good rs2 not so good, i know i got to lvl 117
  16. Re: burn thy witch

    i stopped playing runescape YEARS ago when i was about 15/16 cos it just got incedebly boaring
  17. Re: burn thy witch

    Vendetta's a bit iffy about WoW she said she tried it and got board, ill try talk her into playing it since kid has got me to try the trail.
  18. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: burn thy witch

    never had a gf :P

    yeh i love stargate but been waiting fro worlds for a lifetime its like battlefield heroes the waiting is annoying
  19. Re: burn thy witch

    had the exact same thought... need to get back into something

    tried FF11 last year and is very nice.
    if u love final fantasy u gotta try it, very 'noztalgic' ;P with classic monsters etc such as... Malboros, tonberries etc... and CHOCOBOS!
    altho its abit hard to get into as the interface and controls are different compared to most mmorpgs however it includes many unique features such as a universal language translator.
    wud recommend travelling around in a pair or so, makes the experience so much more fulfilling. its a very party based game so expect gd socials =) one of the freindliest communities ever.
    you can change classes ingame whenever you like for free, so starting class doesnt make any difference. you also gain the ability to sub class/advance class later eg. im a Paladin/Warrior
    stopped it but wud love to pick it up again

    own images. you can get some really nice screenies (also the sigs below):

    trialing WoW with a mate atm, its alright but nothing really great yet... lvl 15 Blood Elf Paladin. hoping that higher tier will be better with pvp/raids.
    seems very solo atm and no real need to party. so many quests that it pretty much levels you, ull always be active doing something.
    simple interface, easy to pick up n play.
    can send a free trial if u wanna try it out. its not that addicting, lil boring imo but nothing to do =P

    Free mmorpgs are always decent aswell =)
    Rohan Online - was playing that with Ana for abit

    RF Online - shame its down atm.. hopefully will be back up. 3 way realm RvR combat, is nice. Robots vs elves vs mini humans

    DAoC - prob the best MMORPG imo. prob ganna pick it up with Kaka in instant max level RvR/PvP, if anyone else wants to join along just gimme a nudge.

    i sound obsessed again -_-...
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  20. Re: burn thy witch

    WoW is extremely bad when it comes to grouping with people. The only things you need a group for are the so-called "group quests" which are very rare and dungeons.

    At lower levels nobody cares about dungeons and the ones that do are usually people you don't want to play with (they usually have an IQ of ~50 I think -_-') and at higher levels you can either group all the time and raid and give up your live in order to do so, play pvp and get every item in the game for free, or just grind your ass off.

    Other than that, there's nothing to do really.

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