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  1. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish


    check this out, rankings for EVERYONE!

    grats disco for being our best player :>
    search for [GM if you want to look for the clan,
    search for |GM if you are a community member.

    have fun!

    (seems I suck bad WEEEHEHEHE :()
  2. Re: CEEWL!

    skill: 0.2

    i smell fail. Search for waebi if you want to, you'll see the servs i played on :P
  3. Bun

  4. Re: CEEWL!

    What determines what score u have?
  5. Re: CEEWL!

    the time you play on these servers, doesnt matter where i guess. The match servers i played on were listed too, so...
  6. Re: CEEWL!

    Is it worth one off the GM leaders registering and promote our clan to the TF2 community at large?


    ps Thx Vacoy, excellent support from the team 4tw :)
  7. Re: CEEWL!

    hooray i'm top 30000 XD

    #21418 :p
  8. XOo

  9. Re: CEEWL!

    Well done guys :)

    And well done Sandman1985 for now being numero uno GM, top 170 player in europe!!!!!! :).

    I have now Registered with this site and am in the process of adding comments to the players I play the most with, so you all better behave :twisted:

    Do the same and give all your friends you play with the big thumbs up :mrgreen:


    ps GM Leaders any of you guys want to Register our Clan here?
  10. Re: CEEWL!

    [GM] Alexxx 's name comes up as [GM] Ale??? .... yes please! :D
  11. Re: CEEWL!

    we're no1 :o

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