Changelog for upcoming Steam release

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  1. Changelog for upcoming Steam release

    Here is the changelog for the upcoming Steam release. Note that we've stated several times in the forums and in discussions that this is *not* the anticipated content patch, and this release was created as an interim release after we announced that several things were going in the "next release".

    =====OB Stability (10-2-2008)=====
    -Switched to Orange Box engine.
    -Weapon highlights as red if it is empty.
    -New decals for melee/zombie impacts.
    -Bug where you could swing melee weapons faster by switching back and forth fixed.
    -Chunky gibs when blown up.
    -Updated AK47 model, animations, and sounds
    -Added a new song (KM_ChapelOfUnrest.mp3)
    -Removed mic chat limitation when you're too far away from team members
    -Updated some sounds (pickup, grenade, victory, and etc.)
    -Increased fatigue recovery
    -Increased volume on footsteps
    -Updated Multiplayer options to match other OB games
    -Fixed bug that limited mp_zombomaxlives to 25
    -Added loading tips screen
    -Changed ZPO weights to match ZPL weights
    -Optimized engine a bit
    -You can no longer rejoin a game in progress once zombie lives have run out
    -New zombie regen system
    -Fall damage is now enabled by default. Zombies get half as much damage, and start regenerating immediately from fall damage.
    -Scoreboard now uses avatars
    -Collision system for teammates similar to TF2 (can walk through teammates, anti-grief system)
    -Inventory now fills in gaps when you drop a weapon or use up all of your grenades (inventory scoot)
    -Explosive props now damage like grenades (other team and self only)
    -Fixed bug where recoil would increase when holding down fire while reloading
    -Fixed no recoil bug if you hold down reload while firing w/ no extra ammo in backpack
    -Fixed spectator within the playable map area during an active round bug
    -Fixed brass ejection and muzzle flash on guns
    -Fixed bug where an infected would not remain ducking when turning into a zombie
    -Damage indicator is now directional, and enhanced graphically.
    -Added dryfire to the machine guns
    -Fixed weapons sounds being overlapped by pickup sounds
    -Included map zpo_biotec
    -Included map zpo_tanker
    -Included map zpo_deadblock
    -Updates to various other maps (Haunted, Nightmare, zps_deadblock)


    As i understood in 4 (on Monday i hope) days say Hi to new zombie panic.
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    Wow, I can't wait :D
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    I waiting too... You're not alone. xD

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