Choose a super power!

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  1. Choose a super power!

    Choose one super power, and why?

    Well the alibity to fly sounds very very attractive to me, but being a realist I think I will choose mind control. I think with this ability the advantages are endless :)

  2. Re: Choose a super power!

    The ability to fly.

    There's not a single bit of doubt about that in my mind and I'm not even going to start listing the reasons why I want that.
  3. Re: Choose a super power!

    ooo interesting... i aint getting on no plane foo'!

    the ability to control water. freely movable and can take on any shape to ur desire ;) *wink wink nudge nudge*
    almost every being has some content of water and it surrounds us, disrupting or assisting that flow to suit ur needs.
    walking on water, undersea exploration, controlled rain. you could even shift oceans to form a compeltely different earth =P

    controlling water means u can control air/ice, and ill leave that to your imagination =)... <3 ice

    or to keep things simple... speed =P...
  4. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Choose a super power!

    super speed, or fire element jutsu's from naruto ^^.
  5. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Choose a super power!

    hmm, the ability to enhance the laws of nature!
    HA! now I can do EVERYTHING!
    fly, move water, see in the future, win lotteries... huahuaha I'm rich!
  6. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Choose a super power!

    ability to travel through time

    because you would be a god! mwhahah!
  7. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Choose a super power!

    X-Ray vision FTW :lol:

    (imagine ppl without clothes :D )
  8. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Choose a super power!

    x-ray vision = fail
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  9. Re: Choose a super power!

    OMG you have no idea at how much that made me laugh!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Mine would be telekinesis -- to me it would be the most useful and in theory I could fly as I would be able to lift myself using my mind! (Although it wouldn't be as quick as people who can actually fly, but at least it's something!)

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  10. Ash

    Re: Choose a super power!

    Stop time..

    You can never be late for things..
    You can use the full 24hrs of the day because you can stop time and have a nap when you please..
    Never have to buy anything again because you can stop time and just take what you want without anyone knowing the wiser..
    You can mess with people like undressing them in public then starting time again lolz.. < and similiar things like making them face the opposite way they were facing xD

    I could go on and on.. being able to stop time would be pro..
  11. Re: Choose a super power!

    Super Speed <3

    So I'll be on time for everything, and can travel anywhere in the world with this FAST power, and be back home at 6pm for dinner :mrgreen:
  12. Th-

    Re: Choose a super power!

    I'd go with mind control in the sense of understanding how/why things work as they do, and on the other hand your mind equals your experience of life so you'd be in control of it. Plus, the science has confirmed that we only know about 5-10 percent of brain (mind) capability, so who knows telekinesis and telepathy might just be sleeping in your head, waiting for you to understand them.

    So yeah, I'd really like to understand
  13. Re: Choose a super power!

    Th- The man who will unlock all our super powers for us :mrgreen:
  14. Re: Choose a super power!

    I would choose "Invisibility" purely for the fun factor, you could mess with peoples head, like Kevin Bacon does to the woman with her mirror in Hollow Man, Rob banks ect...
  15. Re: Choose a super power!

    Dr manhattan stylee powers without the blue tan...

    I would be tempted with super speed alone as long as you had full control, would be a demon the rugby pitch; more so than I am now I mean ;)

    If I had that power i would be the first person to play professional rugby and win the 100m, 1500m and marathon at the olympics. Your name would live on for soooooooooo many years. LOL think of the drugs tests! People in the stands will be screaming "Ahhhhhh, we ARE in the matrix! hacks hacks hacks!!"

  16. Re: Choose a super power!

    after watching the latest esp of Heroes.

    I would have the ability like Rebel, it an awesome ability to hack in the systems. So Cool :mrgreen:

    not gonna tell who it is, as some haven't watch the very latest esp of heroes.
  17. Re: Choose a super power!

    mind control is frightenin. what sick things disco and th would do to you =O

    super speed + wingers = try! gotta love rugby, or u can dr.manhattan stylie it and just enlarge urself... ;)

    Heroes <3. hack systems? sounds like Micah

    invisibility = voyeurism =P om nom nom

    travelling thru time would be awesome, Hiro Nakamura stylie into fuedal japan wud be swish. and yea if u make a mistake, just pause, rewind, play =) everything would go right somehow...
  18. Re: Choose a super power!

    Or the world would be destroyed... Oh well :P
  19. Re: Choose a super power!

    Hiro ability can go back 400 years! :shock:

  20. Th-

    Re: Choose a super power!

    Nope, time control is just too OP, I mean come on... Nobody can stop you doing whatever you wish.

    NERF Hiro Nakamura, now!

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