clan wear

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Reverend, 20 May 2008.

  1. Reverend lame

    clan wear

    if somebody will make clan wear ( t-shirts ) iam not clan member but will be possible make it for server admins too? :P
    no problem pay for it :)
  2. Re: clan wear

    GM has one.
    click here

    and topic discussion of the GM store is here
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  3. Reverend lame

    Re: clan wear

    ehh ok :)
  4. Gamerdile Playmate of Totodiles

    How much are you charging for these T-shirts?
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  5. Why don't you click the link :/
  6. ima Bean Go ham or go home.

    Consider that teddy mine. late x5years
  7. Langers

    And yet there is a 2013 calendar so...
  8. Mystia the Schnitzel Delivery Guy

    Why did you guys bump dis thread?!
  9. Zetsumei Spaceman

    DO IT !!!!
  10. Because Reverend
  11. Sim Burner of props and hunter of hunters

    Kind of want one of those hoodies, though not sure why.
  12. Everybody loves hoodies.
  13. My grandma doesn't :<
  14. She be trippin' yo

  15. Gamerdile Playmate of Totodiles

    yeah I did that after I posted my comment I'm actually surprised I didn't get more douglas ratings
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