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    I've put up a new modded Minecraft server, you can find it at "gamingmasters.org". It's based on a fairly lightweight 1.10.2 pack that you can find on the Curse Client/Launcher (Feed The Beast was sold out to curse) called Heart of a Miner https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/heart-of-a-miner.

    Heart of a Miner had some crashing issues, so I've taken to updating the pack, you can find a link to the updated pack at https://www.gamingmasters.org/threads/gm-modpack-ftb-pack-code.12479/

    To install:
    1. Open the Curse Launcher to the Minecraft tab
    3. Click "Import"
    4. Select the .zip you just downloaded
    5. Watch as the launcher downloads the mods that weren't included in the .zip
    If you run out of memory or want to increase it:
    • Increase memory for just this profile
    1. Right click the "GM - Heart of a Miner" profile
    2. View Profile
    3. Top right, click on the "..."
    4. Profile Options
    5. Memory Settings, untick Use System Setting
    6. Drag the slider to the amount of memory to use
    • Increase memory for all profiles
    1. Open the Settings tab of the launcher
    2. Go to Minecraft settings
    3. Scroll down to Java Settings
    4. Drag the Maximum Memory Allocation slide to the amount of memory to use

    There is a guide for the modpack here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ygm16hpab2w4IY0V7Yh-2LMEIZTgsFMS7Ib2mRqeIB4/edit

    There are a few vanilla mechanics that are changed due to Hard Mode Tweaks and Tough As Nails

    https://github.com/hea3ven/HardModeTweaks/wiki/TweaksList (sleep prevention tweak is not enabled)

    https://github.com/Glitchfiend/ToughAsNails/wiki (thirst is not enabled and neither is lowered starting health)

    1.10.2 modpacks require significantly more RAM than modpacks for older minecraft versions (bigger packs require 4-6GB RAM now), so a smaller pack is probably a good place to start.
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