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  1. Comments on Classes

    If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding 'The (Brief) GM Guide to the Classes of TF2' then please post them here :)
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    Like the medic guide Piss, but got to disagree slightly with the comment about using kritzkrieg only on soldiers or demomen, not heavys. Kritzkrieging a heavy can be useful on something like dustbowl level 3 where there are long sight lines, a heavy can soon clear most things out of the way here with a kritz.
    One other thing there is no such thing as a wasted uber charge, just some are better than others ;)
    And the rest of you, give the medic a chance, only try & call medic when you need him, there's nothing more frustrating than running to heal someone who doesn't need healing while someone else dies.

    Micky 8-)
  3. Re: Comments on Classes

    Thanks Micky - have amended the text slightly :)
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    if u use a krtizy its best to keep back or hide behind the heavy you are healing. (Ducked down behind him, a prepare to run like the wind when or if he dies.) but heavy can be done just fine.

    Agreed with micky on the medic calling when 100% and letting other die. that is 110% annoying and make it harder for the medic to actually find the injored, who actually need the medic. plus i keep getting haunted by all the dead people, as they think its my fault they died. when 10 people called at the same time. and 9 of them had 100% health.
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    Any heavy who doesnt die (from >6 rockets focus-fired at him) after maximum 4 secs after he comes round the corner deserves the kills, yes, and the other team deserves to get spanked.

    You generally dont need to cry for a medic - only if you are low (that's my POV ofc.) Any decent medic will just heal and su, and buffing > healing imo :P gotta balance it though.

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