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Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by armadillo, 8 Aug 2017.

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  1. armadillo footballer, gamer, dad of two, genius

    Perhaps my phrasing wasn't correct. To be told how to effectively admin a server is not embarrassing at all, of course.

    To be told to change your behaviour because it is actually in breach of the rules of the server however, is very embarrassing.
  2. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Let's see. @Gaw don't you have an actual VAC ban on record?

    @Dogling Weren't you introduced to our Community by getting banned from our Minecraft server for using an X-Ray hack?

    And as for me, I actually needed an Admin intervention for my use and absolute abuse of various Admin commands. Who here remembers my overuse of the HHHH in Prophun?

    We, as the Staff who runs this fucking joint, have made various mistakes. And if we don't learn from them, we have our rights removed. We've done that to various former Admins, and we will continue to do so.

    Now, what does this have to do with your appeal that is going SO FUCKING WELL so far?
  3. armadillo footballer, gamer, dad of two, genius

    I'm not saying this to in anyway suggest people cannot change. I'm saying that it's incredibly hypocritical, and thus embarrassing, for the admin team to suddenly decide that it is correct to perma ban regulars for rules that they themselves have broken in past. (and then insist that they have changed and that's fine)

    Will anyone answer my question. Why have the rules changed, or at least become enforced, so that offenses like this are punished?

    This is not an appeal Jack. I don't understand why any of you are being rude to be when I came on the forum simply to ask some questions, my original question was pretty polite.
  4. Kay, i'll bite again.

    Regular player or not, it doesn't matter, and never should have an impact on the ban length or such. I was banned for it, Gaw was, Dog was, etc.

    It's not sudden, a few admins have always been dealing with these people harshly, for example me, HellJack and langers, some others were a bit more lenient or just werent around that often, therefore it was a bit inconsistent in the ways we deal with such people. Anyway, not many admins lately were playing or were active on our servers, so we got a few new admins recently because of that and thought its time for some changes and clear ups around GM.

    With the new wave of admins, and the whole sunnar and kf appeals happening at the same time, we had a chat between all of us on the state of our servers and some rules about behavior, because it wasn't that often discussed and the rules were inconsistent in some regards. We came to a conclusion that we don't want to have such people who make other players experience, worse, and we will deal with them accordingly.

    I don't think there's anything much left to say.
  5. vand2 Just a generic loveable guy

    An ingame punishment isnot the end of the world lol. I remember back in the TTT days it was normal for anyone of us be it regulars or rarely even admins to be banned a day or two on a weekly basis (Granted it was usually by the automatic karma ban back then but still)... We usually just deal with it and move on and learn whatever there is to learn from it. At the end of the day it is the admins job to make sure everyone has as much fun as possible and as a result most bans are given, because your actions made other people not have fun, as it is in this case.
  6. Trekkie "Be Gone Thot!"- GM Management Team 2k17

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