Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Obaruler, 8 Jun 2009.

  1. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    You did it ! The Swedish Pirate Party got 7,4% at the EU elections this sunday and will "capture" the EU parlament *Arrrrrrrr* = )

    Well, in germany, the newfounded Pirate Party got 0,9%, or 229.117 [<- one of them is mine] votes (and is the biggest "little" party, after the usual "Big 5") ....... not bad for a new party with 1,800 members i think. There is still a long way to go to our 5% barrier, but i think, that we can did it just like the Sweds .... well, congrats for voting them into the EU parlament ^^

    Btw: We have our nation-wide election this september, maybee we can allready do it this year xD
  2. Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    oba, there are still nearly 10000 signatures missing, the Pirate Party Germany won´t get the accreditation for the federal election.

    but anyway gratz to the sweds.
  3. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    Annoying. Would never ever vote for them to be honest. File sharing legalized? yeah, thanks for making me unemployed suckers.

  4. Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    No offence, but. No, not ILLEGAL file sharing legalized. Seems like you don't know their program... It's about freedom to access media and your privacy. It's about free education.

    Have a look, and stop annoying me :|

    "file sharing legalized?"

    You HAVE got to be kidding me. By this, you're saying that exchanging for ex. picture that you've created shall not be legal. If i'd now post my open source app, you'll say that's illegal...

    E: Also, ps. - Poland is pretty free country, piracy is partially allowed in our constitution, but only if you're not sharing "illegal" media.

    E2: I WILL vote on them and I WILL join them once i hit 18.
  5. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    You dont understand the use of the Pirate Party, hu ?

    Well, i dont know the party platform of the swedish Pirates, but i think it should be the same as the german one: Uncensored internet, no surveillance by the government of any kind, more money for education and research, more transparency, absolutly no patent right on genes, creatures and software, a change of the copyright where a private security copy is allowed and no defamation against fiesharing (of course they dont want to kill the jobs of the software developers, they are for a complete change in the way we deal with informations).

    The newest point was - because our dear 16 Interior Ministers decided they will make such a legislative proposal 4 days ago - that they want to prohibit "murderer-games" now, which means ANY violent video game, because they are the most suspect suspicious cause for the last gun rampages :/ ...... the PP answered with an absolute NO.

    I know, and i am making big ad for them allready, because i allready sended my signature for them ..... after the great idea of prohibiting murderer-games now, there should be enough potential subscribers out there = )
  6. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    Of course I meant illegal file sharing and not legal file sharing.... Otherwise why should anyone pay for anything? A company make one game, give it out for free and get paid on a "if you like it " basis? I think not.

    If you go to their website thats just what they want, non-commercial of course. So you could share my games without giving me a cent and that's fucking annoying. People just start to complain about democracy and laws when they can't get their free stuff of the net anymore. Laws are only created when needed and as long as people share illegal content on the net it's impossible not to have any laws against it.

    I'm not a big fan of net watching by the government but rather that than a free internet where you can copy peoples works as you'd like. You wouldn't go into a CD store, copy a CD and go out? or you wouldn't go to a book store and write off books, would you? Then why should you on the net?



    Read under "free file sharing". That's plain stupid.
  7. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    @ Oba.

    I think they're right when they want to get rid of the laws that allows the government to look you up on the net, but then what? Legalize every internet activity? I guess the pirate party isn't the same in every country but the one in sweden has the most stupid ideas for copyright that i've seen (of course i care because i am an artist..) I don't mind revising the whole way of selling games/music/programs on the net but as long as you compete against free its kind of hard to achive anything....

  8. Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    @up: And we should get money from our hard work.
    That's called appreciation.
  9. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Congratulation @ Swedens Pirate Party =)

    Well, the Sweds "inventend" the Pirate Party, the name comes from "The Pirate Bay", so maybee you have a bit more "warez" stuff in it ......

    btw: I agree that programers, or better: The companys they are working for are payed by the customers that buy the products they create (i would never ever leech a game i like, i am willinig to pay for things that entertain me, my game-rack proves that ^^) ..... in germany its more a discussion about the "private security copy", which is allowed in normal case, but you break the law if you have to break a copy protection for geting your copy -> lol ! You can be arested for 5 years for that stuff .... that is one of the main points in a "new copyright" the german Pirates want.

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