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  1. CORE

    Hello everyone,

    I am still alive and kicking and I am confident that even without my presence, things will still be running okay here at least and I am grateful for the effort everyone has put into this community/clan over the past months and months to come...

    I have not abandoned GM, I have merely passed down my powers and I will still continue to host the forum/domain with pleasure but my participation in GM will be limited as I have stated in my previous topic viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1541&p=14834#p14834

    Frankly, the main reason is real life, studies, career, etc ;)

    Cheers, I certainly had a great time and will pop on the servers from time to time. :D

    EDIT: looks like I missed a lot, anyone care to fill me in?
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  2. Re: CORE

    Welcome back Core :) Hope you had a nice holiday etc, looking forward to playing with you again ;p
  3. Re: CORE

    Welcome back m8 8-)

    • there's been some changes to the recruitment system as u may have known b4 me anyway
    • some new members around
    • Alpha(again)/Spyko left
    • Dark has done this awesome TF2 coding, check it here, update topic (he probably gonna get a job at valve :P ) [/*:m:2hd6rulo]

    I think that's it, you can see the other stuff for yourself like forums, HLStatsX etc has changed.
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  4. Re: CORE

    nice to hear from you man. hope you had a nice break =D

    havnt missed too much ^^
  5. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: CORE

    add me to friends again and we'll talk m8

    It's great to see you're back man ;D
  6. Re: CORE

    Great to hear you´re back well mate :)

    Add me to friends again, we need to play TF2 :>
  7. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: CORE

    Nice to have you back mate

    Like one week after I talked to you I applied for GM member :D

    Also, I'd like to have you back in my friend list so we can play together again

    And GL with you study and career mate
  8. Re: CORE

    While you're here, please add the following MySQL remote access IPs: :)

    - 92.%.%.%
    - 172.%.%.%

    (% = wildcard)

    Thanks :D
  9. Re: CORE


    P.S. Dark, email me (check my profile) if I'm absolutely needed.

    I rarely have time these days unfortunately.

    Cheers ;)

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