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  1. Cp_crossfire_hl2_b5

    Another my crazy creation, it's crossfire with hl2 style in team fortress 2, well it's first beta, but works fine, enjoy and give ideas/suggestions.

    Red team have bunker with nuke button, blue team if capture central point have bit faster respawns.

    In short b5 is best version for now :mrgreen:


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    Go away from my fortress zombies!

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  3. Re: Cp_crossfire_hl2_b5

    looking good.

    I'll test it out ;)
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    Hehe, you're cool soldier, but as sniper i catch you funny sometimes... :mrgreen:
  5. Re: Cp_crossfire_hl2_b5

    he knows his way around, I was like "how the hell he get there " :|

    but the i found it out myself :mrgreen:

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