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  1. loll Master Exploder

    The title explains, I'd give the good old orange map a facelift, mostly correcting any bugs and errors, optimization and some new stuff if the fellow Gamingmasters members agree. I'd love having it out for testing and all criticism is accepted. I'll start working on it this weekend and will have the first version out for testing by the end of sunday.

    Current download links:
  2. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President

    I await pictures.
  3. loll Master Exploder

    List of things I plan to fix/change: (Interrupt now if you have anything against it)
    • Fix block clippings (demo gets stuck on invisible wall), nodraw errors
    • Revamp textures, mainly because of the 2 minute work that was done by anyone who made the map
    • Balance the sides, make the concrete ramps and plains equal and the huge blocks at the side of the spawn would also be moved to the right position
    • Add entities to make the map more optimized, thus yielding better frames.
    Now for the drastic stuff:
    • Making the tower's pathways(inside only) two(1.5) times as wide for balancing issues.
    • Completely redesigning the second capture point.
    • Completely redesigning the base capture point.(last)
    • Adding paths from the middle to the second cap which would be indoors, so the 'too many snipers goddamnit' issue would be less of a threat.
    • Making a small 'house-like-thingy' where there are a lot of open space, with health kits and ammo.
    • Reworking the time it takes to capture the points, especially the last point.
    Feel free to make arguments about anything mentioned above.
  4. I've already done a new version (with few gameplay changes as it's good as is) and never released it :V

    Just need to swap out or fix my shit attempt at a new skybox sometime

    My issue was no way to have completely independent lighting in the 3d skybox (to have it bright as fuck and models blocking the sun without affecting the lighting/shadows in the main map)
  5. nlspeed Rex Omnium Imperarum

    At red's second cp, hugging the wall, walking from the ammo to the HP, you'll get stuck in the wall. I'd also like the second cp's of both sides to be (at least partially) 'sniper proof'.
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  6. cp_magenta
  7. http://dl.weeaboo.com/cp_orange_x3_me_a4b.rar

    If you want to work from this I can provide the source (I think I had a custom lightmap thing so decompiling probably won't work lol) - imo could be pretty good with the skybox from my se2 version pasted in or someone that knows lighting better than me fixing it

    As you can (sort of) see I was going for a mirror's edge main menu style :V
  8. loll Master Exploder

    If you don't mind I'd borrow the vmf file then.
    I actually saw your other post
    Thanks I will make good use of it.
  9. The only problim I have with the map is the ease of sniping, I dunno if it's because of the map layout and the two "killzones" or maybe it needs a fog of war? I've only played the map a tiny bit tho, but comparing it to my previous TF:2 experiences it's like sniper heaven.

    *Typing on behalf of a hardcore 1337 bellinda BAMF orange map playaaaaaah:

    This may cause problems with camping, since Soldier class can camp walk ways with ease currently. Being able to make sentrys on pathways on Orange could cause camping problems.*

    IMHO: When it comes to custom maps it all boils down to how the map creator wants the map to play out, if sniper heaven is the desired effect then fair enough, if camp-central buildings is intended then fair enough aswell, these can be highly annoying but also great challenges to overcome.
  10. I think it would be best with very few changes to gameplay to be honest - people play orange because they want an absurdly long round time and instant respawn - basically a sniper deathmatch
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  12. ima Bean Go ham or go home.

    First of all, die.

    Anyway what he means is how about just make it into another server cause the map seems pretty cool but leave the old one too for people who like to play that. Unless making another server is a lot of effort then yeah.
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  13. "err rite ther shud be a dick'ed ratin' rite cos 'ad proper rate it"
  14. If there is going to be gameplay changes then this is likely what will be done. Restyling and very minor changes can be pushed to #7
  15. loll Master Exploder

    Plans sofar...
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  16. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    d'aww, dont remove the staircase, it's a pain to walk those extra 10 meters.
  17. loll Master Exploder

    reWORK =/= reMOVE silly :3
  18. Mr.Bam Praise the sun!

    there is a cross through the stairs, doesnt that mean you are planning on deleting it?
  19. loll Master Exploder

    Not mah fault.
    By the way update on the list of changes:
    • Add Chef's elevators.
    • and duck decals

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