Customize Trainingsession

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What would you like to train? (2 votes possible)

  1. map specific info

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  2. class specific info

  3. strategic 6vs6 info

  4. others

  1. Customize Trainingsession

    Please let us know, which 1-2 topics you're interested most. Don't just vote, but also let us know in more detail (by posting in here) what you would like to hear in training sessions to come.

    regards Th, Myke
  2. Re: Customize Trainingsession

    Class-specific and strategic info come before training for a specific map IMO. :)

    I'd love to see a training session for spy - I've always been shit at it :(
  3. Th-

  4. Re: Customize Trainingsession

    Teach me how to b a good demo and solider :)

  5. XOo

    Re: Customize Trainingsession

    just want wana know how to play good 6vs6 match and the maps maybe badlands or so.
  6. Re: Customize Trainingsession

    What each class should be doing at specific times in specific situations on specific maps, and some class-tips in general :)

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