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  1. DarkiSock

    DarkiSock is:

    • A PHP Socket Server that manages everything, sends outgoing MySQL queries to the SA:MP database and provides a handy Telnet interface (see post in Clan Chat). Basically it works like a mini-IRC server, but using some insane protocol I invented xD[/*:m:2c1e14xj]
    • A Sourcemod Plugin that announces stuff and connects TF2 and ZPS with the socket server, allowing messages to be sent back and forward directly via a TCP socket (see where the name comes from now? :P) (damn SA:MP for not supporting sockets on windows.... :evil: )[/*:m:2c1e14xj]
    • A SA:MP Filterscript that also announces stuff, scans for incoming messages from the SA:MP database and sends outgoing messages to the database.[/*:m:2c1e14xj]
    • A PHP script that monitors the SA:MP MySQL Database, sending outgoing messages from SA:MP to the socket server (which then sends them on to all connected interfaces) and cleans up the database when necessary.[/*:m:2c1e14xj]
    • A hand-coded (no bloated+shit classes) PHP IRC Bot that accepts messages on a private socket from the Socket Server and sends messages back into it using the same public socket used by the Sourcemod plugin. Also greets people when they join #gamingmasters, sends instructions on how to use DarkiSock every 30 minutes and updates the topic every 2 minutes with a list of how many people are playing in each server :D [/*:m:2c1e14xj]

    So yeah, if you want to chat between all our TF2 servers (only including match server when warmode is off), ZPS servers, SA:MP server and anyone that happens to be on telnet or IRC, then just type ~ before your message on any of these platforms :D
  2. Re: DarkiSock

    props to Dark. WARM socks i hope.

    (jk, know what it means :D)
  3. LienK Wat

    Re: DarkiSock

    We have a SA:MP server!? :shock:
  4. Re: DarkiSock

    ye guess so :P but dunno if it's up atm.
  5. Bun

    Re: DarkiSock

    Sounds cool, they have had the same thing on UKCS for a year. xD
    But why ~?
    Can't you use anything easier to type like + or * ?
  6. Re: DarkiSock

    Probably need some more button not only ~

    Works perfect...
  7. eoN

    Re: DarkiSock

    The one thing I'd say is make sure that a message pops up in the chat box ever 10 (or 15 or 30 or whatever) minutes saying something like "To talk to other GM servers type "~" before your message"

    Or whatever.
  8. Re: DarkiSock

    Hm, it be something like spam, enough be have MOTD page on client connect talking server features (in zp) :)
  9. eoN

    Re: DarkiSock

    Everyone ignores the MOTD tbh
  10. Re: DarkiSock

    Who not ignore it = pro, pro teach new people :)
  11. Re: DarkiSock

    A message pops up every 2 minutes telling people how to use it ;)

    And I'm adding SA:MP support now :D - the best part about not using the existing socket-based solution from allied modders is that the server can do anything you want, such as rconning non-source games and you don't have to rely on a specific game server being up before chat will work (their system uses one of the servers running the plugin as the actual socket server - not the best thing to do tbh).

    Also our SA:MP server is at: - it runs a 7000-line (if you include the filterscripts) gamemode script I wrote a while back which incorporates Gangwars (with an awesome weapons+cars shop menu), stunts (~20 awesome stuntparks and huge ramps), deathmatches (have to be started by an admin) and racing where you can create your own tracks (over 50 made so far) :D
  12. eoN

    Re: DarkiSock

    2 minutes is far to much :P make it ten or minimum 5 :P
  13. Re: DarkiSock

    Updated the first post a bit :)
  14. Re: DarkiSock

    Despite everything that has been happening (dedi dead :cry:) I managed to find time to code together an IRC Bot for DarkiSock that outputs messages sent to it via a private socket from the DS Socket Server into the GM IRC channel, and parses messages for the same ~ character at the start and splits the input using a simple regex into name and message. This would then be sent to the socket server using the same method I used in the SA:MP Monitor script.

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  15. Re: DarkiSock

    After 55 releases (quite a bit further on than rel 20 on the screenshot above :P), I have finally got the IRC bot as far as I can without having the socket server running to test it (need the dedi for that :( )

    So far it:

    • Announces how to use DarkiSock when it connects and every 30 minutes thereafter.[/*:m:3os6v34f]
    • PM's people when they join welcoming them to the channel and explaining how to use DarkiSock and what it is/does. From my tests it seems that someone could exploit this (by spamming exactly the right message) into getting the bot kicked for spamming, which is something I'm working on.[/*:m:3os6v34f]
    • Detects the same ~ character before (and only before :P) a message which (and this is the bit that I haven't coded yet, although it's incredibly easy) sends the message to the Socket Server.[/*:m:3os6v34f]
    • Reads from for incoming messages from the Socket Server (tested this with an emulation script and it seems to work).[/*:m:3os6v34f]
    • Output buffer - all uses of the PRIVMSG command (for anyone not familiar with the IRC protocol, that is for sending all types of messages - be it a PM or a standard message to an entire channel) are buffered with a 1.5 second buffer to lower the chances of being kicked for spamming.[/*:m:3os6v34f]
  16. Re: DarkiSock

  17. Re: DarkiSock

    lol yeah but spamming like that doesn't do anything except piss people off xD
  18. Re: DarkiSock

    :P which is bad, right?

    nah, he meant the spamming of a MAGIC NUMBER OMG :D
  19. Re: DarkiSock

    Updated first post btw :)
  20. Re: DarkiSock

    Telnet interface is super-colourful now :D

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