Disco sings

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by alex morrow, 22 Oct 2008.

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    lol.... GUUUUUUD TIMEZ!!!!

    EDIT: those with sensitive ears... back away now =P
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    Oh. My. DDDAAAYYYYSSSS - Our very own dancing Queen takes to the mic!
  3. Micky Mick rolling since 07

    Re: Disco sings

    That is why steam crashed when it did then :D

    Micky (wearing ear plugs) 8-)
  4. Re: Disco sings

    That sounds nothing like me, it must be that imposter again!!. Everyone knows I have a deeper; more of a baritone quality to my singing voice! :)

    Disco " Titta Ruffo" Indigo :)
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    ahah dont lie disco =D got a witness rightttttt here

    btw... we shud do karaoke nights, was guud fun.

    singing contest between GM members? xD or like a squad F/E/Z singing contest
  6. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Disco sings

    I can't watch it..
    Steam mentions something about setup file 'gameinfo.txt' doesnt exit in subdirectory 'hl2'

    So, no singstar for me then :geek:
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    like Rock Band, right, YO? :)
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    ermm, to people who cant view it, put it in c/program files/steam/steamapps/(your username)/tf2/tf
  9. Re: Disco sings

    hahah omg very nice
  10. Re: Disco sings

    We make quite the music duo, Disco!
  11. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Disco sings

    Finally got it to work, but it was worth it!
  12. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: Disco sings

    lol at if disco see this.. he b like WTF! i've bean framed! :o
  13. Bun

    Re: Disco sings

    He already has, read it.
  14. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: Disco sings

    i no i told him :P he called alex a lil bugger lol

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