Disco's PC died.......

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Disco_Indigo, 13 Apr 2009.

  1. Disco's PC died.......

    Having a great game of L4D a few mins ago then screen went blank.... Restarted PC and it's making normal noises but no there's no input onto monitor. I don't know how long its going to take me to sort this out :(

    I hope this isn't a big problem....fingers crossed I'll be back very soon. If this takes more then a few days could I ask Th/savage/and piss to help me to get everybody ready for the tournament please.

    I hope to see you all very soon, still got access to forums via phone whoop....

    Cya soon

    Disco :)
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    L4D, the master of making computer overheat... (It overheats mine in a few mins(100c), and the only other game that does it is Titan quest.)

    Usual troubleshooting tips, check the wires, any subtle strange noises, hope your back soon.
  3. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    so that's why you disappeared. hope you get your computer sorted soon!

    (i joined :p)
  4. Ray

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    I'll provide the community with the famous pop it quotes till you get back. Fear not - Ray Indigo is here!

    ( get back soon, I can't play heavy )
  5. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    you got another monitor, disco?

    wait, if you got a spare computer, it would be easy to identify the problem.

    like you test the monitor, graphics card etc.

    It could be the psu(power supply unit), unlikely the RAM, but still check.

    if you haven't got a spare PC, then this is bad, cos you can't check it then? hope you get some1 around to help, as computer repair "technicians" over charge ppl, crazy prices as i've seen.

    ps: remember i had this problem. this is very similar to my problem, which i couldn't figure it out, but i knew it was either my mobo or cpu. but luckily i got both of them replaced *under warranty*

    @geit, 100c :o dis is bad, what you got? what fan heatsink? if it running at 100c on l4d, the pc is gonna overheat soon.
  6. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    Nooo no more heavy quotes... DB will be strange without your 'whoop whoops'

    Hope you get back really soon mate
  7. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    Bloomin' heck Disco! What have you been up to?! -.-' If you feel confident enough - open it up and clean all the dust out - reset the graphics card in place and then GET BACK IN TIME FOR ZE TOURNAMENT! WE NEEDZ YA HERE TO BE OUR MEDIC :o!!!!

    Savage :P
  8. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    Screen not initialising and no beeps is most likely the graphics card. The fact that it happened in L4D makes it even more likely - looks like you'll have to invest in a new one :(
  9. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    The computer automatically shuts down at 100c, sorry didn't make that clear.
    Here is the average op temp for mine on some games

    L4D (High-ish settings)
    FPS: 60+
    GPU:95 ~ Shutdown temp

    L4D (Lower settings)
    FPS: 100+

    TF2 (Pretty high settings)
    FPS: 30 fps

    FPS: N/A
    CPU: 50
    GPU: 60
  10. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    Sounds like graphics to me, can you load up in safe mode, I had a similar problem a few years ago, and my first thought was graphics card, but it was in fact my DVI cable.

    Also Left 4 Dead causes me no high temps and I have everything set to maximum.

    http://www.wuup.co.uk/left-4-dead-cpu-p ... ag-spikes/
  11. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    Geit, you need better cooling :P

    My pc stays a lot cooler.

    Anyways, Disco, if you can still read this,
    try this

    You might need to reset your motherboard.
    Try following:
    (unplug power first)
    *Remove your graphic card for about 1 min and then put it back in.
    It might work already
    if not
    *Remove one of your memory dimms and wait 1 min and start up pc. If it's working, it could be your memory that has died or have problems.
    *Remove the other one, to be sure.

    You can also reset the bios (Either by a switch if you have that, or by taking out the battery for about 1 minute)

    Also, any chance that you have a spare graphics card, just for testing purpose?
    Because I don't think its the graphic card, but more the motherboard.... (Just a feeling)

    Anyways, good luck!
  12. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    uhmm, looks like u using the OEM cpu fan/heatsink? are u?

    these temps was like that for me when i had the OEM heatsink in. then after fitting ocz vendetta cpu cooler, it drop alot by 30-40c then i got my new cpu q6600, min 18c, max 48c, so far it hasn't been over 48c.

    for some reason i cant view my gpu temps anymore :( it a PNY GeForce 9800GT

    ps: any1 know a software that view gpu temps, gpu-z doesnt show it.

    sry disco 4 off-topic ya thread.

    how's it goin? disco?
  13. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    .. And if it was an Asus motherboard you can just throw the whole pc away. Piece of shit! :roll:

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  14. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    :cry: i love my asus mobo

  15. Re: Disco's PC died.......


    ATI tool is an overclocking software that shows the temps of your card - if you do "scan for artefacts" then it pushes your GPU to the best of it's abilities and the max temperature it reaches!

    Any luck Disco? Should I look for a replacement for tonight's match?

  16. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    Hate my ASUS motherboard, but love the NVidia RAID controller and chipset. And my ASUS 8800GTS 640mb is still a great graphics card. :)

    Nothing wrong with ASUS really, they just make bullshit motherboards when you aren't prepared to pay quite a bit.
  17. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    I think speedfan shows GPU speeds too. I have a Nvidia card and use rivatuner and nvidias own tool (called something I can't remember..(ntune?)) to see GPU temp.

  18. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    uhmm well for some reason i cant view my temps at all, on speedfan, it's 0c :(

    the one savage gave, me if fail'd to work? probably cos it only works on the OS showed on the site, vista here.

    i think there's some thing wrong with my gpu drivers, as I've reinstalled them twice. and windows is keep reporting to me that there are two gpu drivers, which is cause windows to respond slowly than normal :S

    i've tried getting rid of the driver, but vista keeps automatic installing them. :S

    but everything seems fine, no slow downs? and i dont what to mess up the drivers.
  19. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: Disco's PC died.......

    Use Driver Sweeper to get rid of old drivers (prefarly in safe mode.) Then take cancel on the "autoinstall driver thing". Then re-install the new drivers. :)

  20. Re: Disco's PC died.......

    It's alive!!!!!

    I think I must of knocked my graphics card loose when I moved house, I opened my case, found a ASUS motherboard in my MESH computer!! I unscrewed the card out and popped it back in and seems to be working fine know, so i'm well chuffed :) Looks like I can put 2 graphic cards in it!

    Card btw is a Nvidia 8600GT - probably needs updating soon??

    Thanks for all your help guys :)


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