Don't know which class i enjoy the most.

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    I choosed Soldier.
    After i died and died and died, i still choosed soldier.
    After i got demoman'd a thousand times, i still choosed soldier!

    So.. Soldier it will be, i will try to master him and do all those cool mid-air rocket things :P
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    you chose the right class ;)
    btw, demo is the hardest thing to kill besides heavy+medic for soldier (my personal experience)
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    Granted, demoman is hard for a soldier. I find it best to crouch-rocketjump and blast away, since they don't really have many ways to kill you when you are above them AND moving.

    Even solo Heavys can be a real pain for a soldier.
    A good strategy against Medic+Heavy I use myself, is try and use the rocket blastwave to send the medic flying, leaving the berserk Heavy to die. This works better with a demoman since the rocket blastwave isn't really powerful unless you hit right beneath the medic.

    Remember this is just Theory Fortress 2 and most of the "strategies" for TF2 are often migitated as the game is just so fast-paced and anything can happen.
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    i see. You read the soldier tutorial too. Unfortunately you have only 1 maximum 2 shots at the demoman while flying, and you have to hit him at least with one rocket since splash damage isn't high enough to kill him with 2 splashes. (i asume all no crits). I don't say it's not possible, but unlikely to work out. But rocket jumps are certainly usefull to surpass a field of stickies.

    true. The best way to kill a Heavy + Medic is either by telling a good sniper or spy to do it for you, or use teamwork to knock him down.
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    Eww, no tutorials! The demoman might not get killed, but will most likely take some damage.
    By doing the above, you might not kill the demo, but you will probably make him go get a medkit, and btw you just shot yourself with a damn rocket so you need to get patched up too.
    This case is a really good example of something you might not want to do on a public server.
    A good comparison would be Pyro.
    Despite being the best class in the game to push the other team back even when not ├╝ber'd, you usually get nothing from helping your team out.

    i sux at long posts

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