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  1. Ray


    With the help of PissMidget, I'm aware of what these bad boys are called.

    Summers coming up and I'm going hunting for em.. They're a bit pricy but hey, I can even use em when I get old - ammaright?

    whaddya think? :D
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  2. Re: Dungarees.

    Like I said, do the following:

    Wear a bleached white baseball cap sideways, walk around with a fistful of £10 notes in one hand and a gun in the other while riding a segway and wearing these badboys- you will be epic. For extra points you can set yourself on fire.
  3. Re: Dungarees.

    What is this, GTA: San Andread? :lol:
    Superbad quote: "GANGSTAAAAAAAAAAAS!"
  4. Re: Dungarees.

    I sometimes order clothes from this site and found these, if there to your taste ?

    http://www.baggamenswear.co.uk/PRD_Prod ... rodID=2281

    I seen some dude around Manchester City Centre on Friday night wearing G-Star ones, and I'm trying to find them from because they were smart, if anyone knows can they post here!

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