E is dead...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Grendal, 1 Nov 2008.

  1. E is dead...

    ...LONG LIVE E!

    I am sort of relaunching now. Because Beau and me don´t have enough time to handle all the things concerning E, we made Vacoy deputy. Also we will have a new name, as a sign of relaunchng. But still with E.

    So here is the new roster as it is now:

    Grendel (me)

    see yo all on the battlefield. but since I am not able to play at the moment this will take some time maybe. but hey, you will at least see E ;)
  2. Re: E is dead...

    Unfortunately, don't think I can really be a member of E any more. Much as I would like to, and I do have the time, I can't connect to Steam on the college internet. I've been trying my best to make it work, but it looks like they won't open the necessary ports for me, so no steam & no TF2 during term time. Means I wouldn't be much use to E. :(
  3. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: E is dead...

    to bad man :< you will be more then welcome to rejoin us when you are able to play ;)
    And we still need a new name!
  4. Re: E is dead...

    Good luck this time guys,

    Go Vacoy Go

    don't forget to register all team members on ETF2L!
  5. Re: E is dead...

    And when are you guys going to be ready to play F? :)
  6. Re: E is dead...

    next year probably :P

    still need to get more some players in.
    atm got about 4/5 players 4 sure is ready to play. (well actually 4 )
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  7. Re: E is dead...

    Is Blue still in E? He's played a lot of PUGs and he's better in 6v6 then a lot of people seem to think...
  8. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: E is dead...

    euh whats his main class again?
  9. Bun

    Re: E is dead...

    By the way, when I look on his steam page, he played 0.4 hours last 2 weeks.
  10. Re: E is dead...

    Just give him a chance ;)

    He's a pretty good demoman+medic, and not too bad as scout.
  11. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: E is dead...

    Well re: E: yay!, Re: Blue...Despite there being two occasions where I should have, I haven't actually seen him play yet so I can't really comment :P

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