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  1. Exploiting

    The GM servers have a "new" problem... People who spawn as zombies reconnect to play as survivors...
    This takes up almost 40% of my gametime(inform or punish those who do this.)
    Almost every player exploiting in this way call it abuse when they get kicked or sometimes banned (if they continue several times). Almost everyone is being rude about it anyhow.

    Cant you guys make a "auto block" of some kind when you reconnect? Perhaps not the best idea, but something has to b done about this.

    Even the most high ranked people do this. For instance Shadow (Fubar) have been told several times by me that this is not the way to act in a GM server. He as well say I only have something agianst him as a person... Which i dont. I just dont like people who exploit. Thats all.
    So can you guys do something about this? If so what?
    // moO
  2. Re: Exploiting

    I've developed a plugin (ZBlock) based on the one Tom posted above that should hopefully prevent anyone that left as zombie from joining again within 5 minutes. It also announces the new behaviour every 10 minutes :)

    At some point I may change it so that instead of preventing them from joining, it forces them on to the zombie team.
  3. Re: Exploiting

    Awesome guys! Im really looking forward to this plugin! would take alot of "work" of my back. :D
  4. Re: Exploiting

    After long looking for this plugin... As i see it does trying kick player, but still players can reconnect and also i see plugin spam in logs such as...
    L 12/22/2008 - 00:00:59: [SM] Debug mode is not enabled for "zblock.smx"
    L 12/22/2008 - 00:00:59: [SM] To enable debug mode, edit plugin_settings.cfg, or type: sm plugins debug 27 on
    Team id information:
    0 - no team
    1 - spectator
    2 - human
    3 - zombie
    4 - unchoosen (pickup room where you have to click F1 or F2 to choose side...)
    5 and + - no team
  5. Re: Exploiting

    It is only bugged plugin that cause console spam :?

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