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  1. eoN


    Okay theres been so many ideas and what not so i want some FACTS

    1. Is GM a fun clan, competitive clan or both?
    2. What is GM's recruitment system?
    3. Who's left? (And who's come back)?
    4. Do squads have to be competitive (ie. in competitions etc) or is this up to the group?
    5. Is there an age limit to get into [GM] and if there is what is the age limit?

    In my opinion these questions (and probably some others that I've not thought of) should be answered when there is a definitive answer that wont change otherwise don't answer, ie. no "1. I dunno i think it should be both" or anything like that this post is for questions and answers nothing else.

    Any other questions should be posted but no spamming this with ideas only reply if you have a question or a FACTUAL answer.

    (I hope Ive got my point across :P)

    Also if you don't like the answer don't talk about it here, PM the leaders etc or talk to them on Steam.

    Thanks and i hope this will clear up a lot (it definitely will for me).
  2. Re: FACTS!

    1. Both
    2. Still being decided on, and until we reach a decision, applications are closed.
    3. iBunny, Disco, Grendel, [strike:24vhtj0h]Vacoy[/strike:24vhtj0h] (Disco and Grendel might be coming back, iBunny probably not, [strike:24vhtj0h]dunno about Vacoy[/strike:24vhtj0h])
    4. Yes, if possible (it would defeat the purpose of having a squad if they weren't)
    5. No. Bluepanther is 11 ;)
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  3. eoN

    Re: FACTS!

    Keep us updated on number 2.

    Anyone else got any questions they want answered?

    Thanks Darki :)
  4. Re: FACTS!

    Age does not = maturity: this is not opinion, it is one of those FACTS you seem to be searching for...
  5. Re: FACTS!

    1st of all: i deleted some pointless spamming in here

    1) Both: Fact
    2) Not decided for GM. Teams will have their own. SemiFacts
    3) see Darki's post
    4) Not a fact, but agree with Darki: whats the point of a team if it doesn't play in a league/ladder?
    5) Not yet, but might be a good idea. Will be discussed by leaders soon.
  6. eoN

    Re: FACTS!

    Thank you Myke.
  7. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: FACTS!

    K, I'm back and I'll try to convince disco and grend, I don't think Ibunny will come back though...
  8. eoN

    Re: FACTS!

    Fs can people seriously not get it that this is for questions and facts not for minor updates, unless they come back for sure dont post about them in here...
  9. Re: FACTS!

    -Both (fact)

    -Still being revised (fact)

    -Disco_Indigo, iBunny, Vacoy, gRend. (fact)
    -Vacoy has returned. (fact)

    -Ideally a squad should be competitive, otherwise it would be futile. (opinionated)

    -No, since usually age does not equal maturity and age does not equal skill. Ideally the age limit should be 13+ for various reasons (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). (opinionated)
    -You could be 20 and still be an asshole or you could be 13 and be as mature as an adult. (fact)

    K. (fact)
  10. Re: FACTS!

    here we go

    edit: made this lovely pic for you:

    http://grendelino.deviantart.com/art/No ... r-99203036
  11. eoN

    Re: FACTS!

    only deputy leaders+ answer the questions please to stop this getting spammed.
  12. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: FACTS!

    Eon, he wasnt spamming.
    He just made a new GM tag for us.
    and he told everyone he rejoined. I can barely call that spamming. Your post however.
    Like thank you myke? that has something extra to add to this topic.

    I'm pretty sure Disco will rejoin now aswell.
    It seems GM is getting back up his feet
  13. eoN

    Re: FACTS!

    Fuck sake how many times does it need to be said this bit is ment to be for questions and answers not things like that :evil:
  14. Re: FACTS!

    Well if you're sure...

    [Topic locked so only leaders and deputies(?) can post]
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