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    How long it takes to Join a team ?. And i really wanna play a match soon :)
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    the teams are quite fixed.... Z is *done*, and X doesnt play atm :S

    However, Nomad said like he'd bring back Y soon, so...
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    Please read the last post here and follow the link there to the signup topic.

    Why are there so little ppl interested in the Y team. Every clan member should have it as goal to be member of some squad.
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    Because the recruitment thread has so many numbers in it.
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    I think everyone want's to see what happens to it this time before signing up.

    And with the formation of Falcon squad most of the active forum users are already in a team and so would not have seen the team sign-up page.

    It would probably be better to put an announcement on the clan steam group page.
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    Yeah, that might be true.
    We will see. I still hope Y will work out this time, in order to have a team as training partner for Y

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