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  1. FPS

    What sort of FPS do you guys get in TF2? Just want to see, cos mine seems really rubbishy, like 40 odd, goes down to 20-30 in bug gun fights >:
  2. Re: FPS

    well after i disabled aa and set the material and model quality to medium, i can play with fine FPS even on the 32 player ones, about 30-60... i dont care about good look anymore, as i want to record some demos too, and there should be no lag. Smaller matches (12-24 players) work just fine.
  3. Re: FPS

    ~120fps to ~60fps in heavy fights 1920x1200 res all maxed. 16xQ CSAA, 16x AF
  4. Bun

    Re: FPS

    50-60 looking in a corner. Round' 30-40 in a fight with 13 players each team. 20-30 around big fights.
    Doesn't lag to much though.
  5. Re: FPS

    300 indoors, about 250-160 outdoors [depends on size of area]
    somehow : 60 when 1 person starts shooting - doesnt drop below 60 even in large fights :?
    Everything maxed but no AA/AF
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: FPS

    30 On all maxed out most of the time. (The human eye can't tell beyond that anyway) :D
  7. Re: FPS

    72fps (drops to 65ish in heavy fights) @ 1600x1200, vertical sync enabled, all maxed, 4xAA & 8xAF
  8. Re: FPS

    Maximum 40fps, drops to about 10fps or less in heavy fights. Also my laptop lags more for the first 15 minutes of the game, possibly because it's playing the SFX for the first time in that session. It seems to lag on SFX. This happened to me before in a far older, easier to run game. Swine sound card...
  9. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: FPS

    resolution= 1680X1050
    everything on max :D

    and no lag, need program to see my fps, where can I get it??
  10. Re: FPS

    :o last year 20-30
    :mrgreen: this year 100-150
  11. Re: FPS

    type: net_graph 3 in console

    jobs a good one.
  12. Re: FPS

    40-100 depends how busy it is on the battlements
    1280x1024 everything maxed AA and stuff on but even with everything off i get the same fps so it's more likely that CPU is my limiter.

    @Core: What hardware u got?

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