Funny TF2 Vid. (+ Monkey.)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DjShrew, 15 Mar 2009.

  1. Funny TF2 Vid. (+ Monkey.)

    Watch the money 1 first its better, + no Subs, unfortunatly no HD on that one.

    To things to be befor playing.

    1. Use HD
    2. Turn subtitles on as some is not english. (about 30 sec of 9:10.)

    TF2 Video:
    Just Funny:

  2. Ash

    Re: Funny TF2 Vid. (+ Monkey.)

    Found the TF2 one unbareably boring and stopped watching after the pyro bit that reminded me of kiler012 "MEDIC! MEDIC!"

    Seen trunk monkey before ;p but still funny.

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