Garion leaving GM

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Garion, 17 Mar 2009.

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  1. Garion leaving GM

    ok guys, topic says it all

    i've been through a lot of stuff with GM, good times, bad times, a lot of it, and i always tried to be reasonable and as much friendly to everyone as i could

    i wasn't playing on the GM servers for some time now, the reason is i got tired of pub spam and went to more professional way of playing tf2, e.g. pugs. even there i wore the GM tag like noone else ever did for such a long time (i have about 400 6v6 games registered now). i almost never cared that skilled players left and noob players got in the clan, was not my business and i didnt have the power to change anything on that so i let it go

    the real reason i'm leaving GM is behaviour of one of our leaders, specifically I Am Nomad. as a lot of you know, my gf has been playing on GM servers from my account instead of my. i thought since we were like family that noone actually cares or sth, she actually added few of our leaders on her steam account and they seemed to be cool with her playing from my account, but yesterday when she just started playing, I Am Nomad was very rude on her. she didnt understand it, but i heard it and got pissed off. after i talked to Disco about that matter, he kinda forced Nomad to apologize, but i dont accept apology of that kind. she doesnt want to play TF2 anymore and i doesnt want to be part of what i once thought is my TF2 family. i dont think it anymore. if leader can get away saying things other players were kicked for, i dont think there is a place for me anymore.

    i wish you all luck in your lifes.

  2. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: Garion leaving GM

    aww garion sorry to see you go but couldn't you sort this out and stay in your awsm sauce "TF2 family" :) its fun playing with you :D
  3. Re: Garion leaving GM

    *sigh* nomad, what's up with you? :|

    oh btw ur gf is not bad in tf2, after a few around rotation server back in the past weeks I remembered. but she gets afk alot.

    anyway good luck with your studies garion ;)
  4. Re: Garion leaving GM

    aww garion =/ remember when u kept wooping my ass as solly when i kept trying to melee you :P guud timez!

    shame to hear that your leaving...

    good luck with everything man, keep in touch

    *sigh*... deja vu...
  5. Re: Garion leaving GM

    The incident is under review at "leadership", with hopefully with a satisfactory outcome for all.
  6. Re: Garion leaving GM

    I remember when I had initially joined the GM servers (when I wasn't in the private community) and you whooped my ass whenever you were online -- I always remember thinking what a good player you were and how I wished I would be as good as you one day (so sad!).

    Good luck with everything though Garion and I'm sorry to see you go. Tell your girlfriend that she was a good player to play both with and against!

    We'll all miss you :cry:

  7. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Garion leaving GM

    I apologized to you. I gave myself a warning. Tell me what you want, because I don't want you to leave over this.
  8. Re: Garion leaving GM

    hey Nomad

    apology accepted

    but what i would really like you to do is give a deep thought about your leadership position. from my point of view being a leader in this kind of big community is also a big responsibility. from that position you have influence on many lives in many ways. i think leader should be calm and really think before he does anything so it wouldnt end up in something like this. he should be able to deal with all kinds of situations that might occur in community/on servers and just dont give "answer" like you did to me on steam, thats just wrong imho. imagine you would tell sth like that to a random player just visiting our servers, that would put a really bad light on the whole community and all of its members.

    the "joke" you told is considered really rude in my country literally meaning telling someone he is a bitch/whore whatever, thats just so you would know, you should be able to think in a global way cause huge amount of different cultures are visiting our servers and in every country different cultural rules apply

    thats all
  9. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Garion leaving GM

    What can I say. I'm sorry, I've learned something from all this, it won't happen again, and nobody is perfect. And if you've seen episode #32 of Star Trek then you already know that this even includes Nomad. :P
  10. Re: Garion leaving GM

    very sad to see you go. one of the last members of our glorius family. but what has been will never be again mate...

    thank you for the time we had with you in E, was always fun to play with you.

    Please tell Wen to talk to me asap :)
  11. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Garion leaving GM

    oh no.
    I will NOT let you go!
    not you as well, damnit.
    I freakin' forbid you to leave. GOT ME? let's play a pug :D
  12. Re: Garion leaving GM

    Due to circumstances not written in this topic (not entirely) i'm staying in the clan
  13. Re: Garion leaving GM

    You have to understand Nomad's style/sense of humour, it's all in jest :)
  14. Re: Garion leaving GM

    Glad that you and Wen are still with us, and thank you to Nomad for understanding how they felt, and the things you said and offered to do to patch this up :)
  15. Re: Garion leaving GM

    Good to hear that you're going to stay with us! :D
  16. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Garion leaving GM

    mission accomplished.
  17. Re: Garion leaving GM


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