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  1. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    General Information about GM-Y

    Some of this information has been posted before, but bears repeating, and should be all in one place where every GM member can find it easily.

    The GM-Y team is everyman's team. It is a 6-player team, but unlike GM-X and GM-Z, it's roster is determined SOLELY by merit. This means that ALL clan members have the opportunity to be a member of this team, if their skills are up to snuff.

    Every Sunday, at midnight (GMT), the team leader (me) will check the status of all GM members who are not on the X and Z teams and will assign 6 members (plus 4 reservists) to the team using the sKill formula I created earlier (which uses HLstats data and takes into account each player's score and the amount of time each person has been logged onto the GM servers. For more info, PM me). I only rank and compare GM clan members who are not on the X or Z teams.

    The top-ranked person will be the Team Captain and will be in command of the team during any matches. Since the Team Captain position will likely change every week or two, I Am Nomad is the permanent Team Leader, who will set overall policies for the team and determine match times and dates.

    Each GM member should have three classes that they play primarily posted on their member's page (if you do not, please submit them to me). Depending on the map and each player's rank, the Team Captain will decide, prior to each match, who will play which class, to ensure team balance.

    GM-Y will compete in three regularly scheduled matches during the week (see next post in this topic): two against GM-X and one against GM-Z. It is a chance for Y teammates to develop and hone team skills and communication abilities. While it is true that the team roster will change from week-to-week, it shouldn't change drastically enough to make team-building very difficult. Also, it will teach the new players how to work as a team, and it will teach the old players how to work with and train new players.

    The rankings will be determined by me sometime between Sunday at Midnight GMT and Monday morning at 8 AM GMT. I will send out a PM to each prospective GM-Y team member and reservist by Monday at 8 AM GMT. Then, those people will have until Monday night at Midnight GMT to respond to the PM and say whether or not they wish to be on the team. If you do not respond, it will be assumed that you will be playing on GM-Y. Although, I would prefer a confirmation -- either yay or nay -- from everyone I contact.

    It will be required that Y-team members and reservists be available to play in at least two of the weekly matches. If you cannot fulfill that requirement (for example, if you will be on Holiday all week), then you must decline to be on the team that week. If you cannot meet this requirement, and you did not inform me of this before the Monday@Midnight deadline, you will be penalized by not being allowed on GM-Y as either a player or a reservist for the following two weeks. While I understand that emergencies do occur, I have to be firm on this, to be fair to everyone who takes their responsibility to the team seriously.

    If you wish to be on the Y team, improve your skills. Here is a little quote from Protantus:
    And my favorite part of the quote:
    Well said, PT! :P :P :P

    I Am Nomad

    Many thanks to Myke and Z3ro.NL for all of their ideas and input.
  2. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: General Information about GM-Y


    Instead of 8 Y-team members, I'm moving it up to 10. This past week has shown that -- with a team that changes personnel weekly -- it can be difficult to arrange 6v.6 matches with only 2 reserve players. So, now, there are 4 reservists.

    The regular match times will continue to be the same every week (time may be adjusted slightly when necessary):
    • Y v. X Tuesdays @ 7 pm GMT
      Y v. Z Thursdays @ 7 pm GMT
      Y v. X Sundays @ 7 pm GMT

    If you are one of the top-ten clan members NOT currently a member of GM-X or GM-Z, I will notify you by PM Monday morning. I will expect a response within 24 hours to inform me of your intention to either particpate in the team matches or not. You must be able to participate in 2 of the 3 scheduled matches.

    If you are NOT one of the top-ten non-X/non-Z clan members, I will send you a PM to tell you your rank anyway. Then you will know how much you will need to do to get on the team. It is also possible that I will have to call on you to join a match if I am short players and have run out of reservists. In that case, I will start with the 11th-ranked member and work my way down the list.

    Thank you for your attention!! :D

    I Am Nomad
  3. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: General Information about GM-Y

    umm... gonna be a day late on getting ranks out. not feeling well today. still on midnight shift, and very tired... :(

  4. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: General Information about GM-Y

    For the week of June 9, 2008:

    The top 6 ranking Clan members (in rank order -- Thanks, Myke ;) ) who are not on the X- or Z-teams and will be on the Y-team, and can participate in matches, are:
    • Sandman1985
      Disco Indigo

    The members who ranked 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th will be Y-team reservists. The are:
    • Ezur

    The above 10 people may wear the [GM-Y] tag immediately, provided they agree to be on the team. If you would rather not be on the team, let me know and I will take you off the team roster.

    To prevent undue embarrassment, I will not publish the entire rank list here. I will, however, PM each non-X/Z member and inform them of their rank. Then you'll know how far you have to go to make the team.

    Next weekend, I will re-rank everyone; Some people not on the team may be placed on it, and some current Y-team members may get bumped. It is in your best interest to keep your scores high, and your points-per-hour rate high! And take heart -- it is possible to improve. I, myself, went from ranking 19th to 15th this past week. :shock:

    I Am Nomad
  5. Re: General Information about GM-Y

    i disagree! it is not possible to improve:
    ;) :lol:
  6. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: General Information about GM-Y

    Myke, my dear, dear friend...

    You're missing something.

    Each time, you kept the same rank, but it was against more people. In a way, you actually improved. Do the math:

    16th out of 24 is equivalent to 66th out of 100

    16th out of 26 is equivalent to 61st out of 100

    16th out of 29 is equivalent to 55th out of 100

    Cheer up, old boy! All we need are 1600 people and you'll be equivalent to 1 out of 100!! :lol:

    I Am Nomad and I use "fuzzy" math :P
  7. Re: General Information about GM-Y

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooot =)
    reopen the join applications:
    or let's invite the worst 1600 people we can find =)

    i normally like math, but i don't when it's used against me.
    math baaaaaa@aad
  8. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: General Information about GM-Y

    The Y-Team is Temporarily Disbanded

    At last night's match, there were not enough Y-Team members to play. Meanwhile, the Z-Team was present and had spent an hour preparing. I take full responsibility for this foul-up. :oops:

    Until I decide how to remedy the situation, the Y-Team is hereby disbanded. If you were wearing the [GM-Y] tag, please replace it with the clan tag.

    My plan is to create a post where people can sign-up for the Y-Team each week. By signing-up, each person pledges to attend the scheduled matches (which are the same every week and have been for a month :evil: ). 10 people will be accepted (6 team members, 4 reserve members). If more than 10 people sign up, then the ranking (which I will continue to do) will determine who is on the team.

    Look for the Y-Team to come back in a week or two. Sorry. :(

    I Am Nomad
  9. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    GM-Y Team Returning

    [GM-Y] Team is Now Open to All Clan Members

    The Y-Team will be back next week and will be open to anyone who wishes to join. Just sign-up here. There is no limit to the number of people who sign up, but...

    The original concept of ranking applies. Everyone who signs up will be subject to being ranked:
    • The top 10 ranked people who sign up will be on the team.
      The top 6 players will be full team members, while the bottom 4 players will be reserve team members.
      The top-ranked player will be the Team Captain.

    The sign-up is open now and will close on Sunday, July 6, at midnight. At that time, I will conduct the rank calculations and they will be announced the following morning. Each week, there will be a new sign-up period. Even if you were on the team the prior week, you must re-sign-up to affirm your commitment to the team in the next week. This way, we will know for certain that each player is committed to playing the matches each week.

    The matches with other GM teams have not yet been determined, and will be announced during this week. I will confer with the leaders of the other teams and post the information here as I get it. Unless you are available most any time, you may want to wait and see when the matches actually will be. A player will be required to attend 2 of the 3 scheduled matches during the week. To mangle a line from the OJ Simpson trial, "If you can't commit, you must quit."

    I Am Nomad
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