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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by GeneSIS, 26 Oct 2008.

  1. GeneSIS^ leaving

    I am leaving the Gamingmasters clan now, the reason is that i want play on a higher skill level tf2 and since We Are folded in etf2l i dont have any reason to stay in Gamingmasters.
    I had great time in the clan and I really enjoyed playing with you and especially with We Are and the F squad.
    I hope I can still play with you in PUGs, L4D and even public servers :P
    And big thanks to waebi, KJ, eoN^ and Core
    I really enjoyed my time in this clan. Good luck to the F squad in etf2l season 4 and i hope to see the E squad in etf2l for season 4 too. :P
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    Thanks for you time m8 :), you are awesome.

    You will do fine in div 3.

    Goodluck :)

  3. Th-

    Re: GeneSIS^ leaving

    My lil' boy is all grown up -snif!- Go have fun in the world -snif! - in div3 and france and whereever bye!
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    <3 Gen. Will send you some e-cards when i have time :D
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    dude u kick too much ass =D was nice to play by urside

    ='( sad face
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    see u around m8 ;)
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    :( Look forward to medicing you in a mix soon though, good luck :)
  8. Bun

    Re: GeneSIS^ leaving

    Cya. <3<3

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