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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 15 May 2008.

  1. GM Achievements Server [GM] #8 | 24/7 MEDIC ACHIEVEMENTS

    Password: achievementsbox
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    thx for that. Had to set a PW yesterday, it just DOESNT work with more than 10 people.
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    thanks for update, will play some tonight, need to get my 5 more achievements done.

    I'm close 34/39!
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    if anyone needs help on achievements, send me a tell if im there ill help.
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    @core could you put it up agen?

    max 10 players, cos alot of the new GM members wants achievements.

    just for a few days?

    im happy to help them but it not there?
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    I will be happy to help anyone, just PM me if you need a hand or just advice :-)
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    yeah we use the match server for achievements :D

    no points are counted, which doesn't effect ur HLStatsX
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    Organized achievements > anything.

    I got almost all the achievements in few hours on a server where the admin kicked everyone who didn't work together with others, without a warning. It was the awesomeness.

    Yeah, I'll probably come help you guys out if I see people on the match server.
    Got to get those medic achievements out of the way first, right? :P
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    yeah, well we had a achievement server for medic achievements only, and a small custom map add. it was fun!

    I hope they'll put up that server agen or change server 5/6 or whateva for achievements to get the pryo achievements.

    Just for a week or so.

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    Yup when the pyro achievements come out I'll stick server #8 up and maybe take one of the less popular servers down to compensate.

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