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  1. GM Backgrounds

    I was trying out creating a background for TF2 in the menu. Still not working right tho, it looks okay on the load screen and then when the menu opens the brightness cranks up creating a large flare.

    Anyways here are the regular ones, using this on my desktop :)

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    cool 8-)

    just now put this on my desktop! :mrgreen:
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    Very nice very nice. I like them a lot :) :D
  4. Bun

    Re: GM Backgrounds

    Nice work, not a fan of black and white though. =O
  5. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: GM Backgrounds

    Yes, I would prefer color as well.

    I Am Nomad and Colors Are Fun!
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    is is such an old pic, or why does the Scout have a MiniGun instead of ShotGun?

    @Zero.NL I like it a lot. Like the combination of yellow and BW. Drags the focus to the yellow parts. Too much colors ==> too much entropy.

    Edit: Maybe the colorlovers like it more, if the BW part gets a warmer BW... U know what i mean? some brown tuch... like with retro pictures...
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    I know what you mean, sepia gives the picture much older warmer appearance. I've used it a lot when i used to more gothicy stuff. Personally i generally dont use much color on desktop pictures, dont want it too loud.

    I just threw this together to try out changing the tf2 menu backgrounds. which still isnt working properly. GRRR.
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    Great wallpapers, ive put it on my desktop ;)
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    How do you change the background of the tf2 load page?
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    basically you create a 1024x1024 picture and convert it to a vtf file with the following flags. SRGB, No Mipmap and no Level of Detail. Then name that picture: bacakground02.vtf and place it in materials/console.

    It should then load normally which it does except for the flaring when the meny appears dont know how to fix that.
  11. Reverend lame

    Re: GM Backgrounds

    i have this on my desktop:-)
    its not nice but i like it:-D

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  12. Bun

    Re: GM Backgrounds

    To messy. :s
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