GM Clan Training Sessions

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    GM Clan Training Sessions

    Training sessions are being organized

    The first one was today, from 1800 to 1830 GMT, with Core, and the topic was Demoman. Core demonstrated various techniques, and critiqued students as they attempted to replicate them.
    To participate in future training, please check this topic for times and topics, and log on to the match server ( at the appropriate time, and choose the class being taught (unless the topic is something else, like a map) and join the Blue team.

    Future training sessions will be announced as they are determined.

    I Am Nomad
  2. Re: GM Clan Training Sessions

    lol :lol:

    I somehow got an invitation from core, but couldn't connect to the server. i mean i couldn't join at all.

    and i hav the pass ready.
  3. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: GM Clan Training Sessions

    You sure you went at the right time? 6 PM GMT is 7 PM in London, because of summer time.

    I Am Nomad
  4. Re: GM Clan Training Sessions

    I tried to get in as soon as I got the invitation. :?

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