GM Expansion? new website and stuff

Discussion in 'Server/Website Chat' started by Relun, 23 Apr 2009.

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    GM Expansion? new website and stuff

    Right hello :)

    I have been planning a project for quite some time now but ETF2L and work have stopped me from implementing anything. I've quit ETF2L and am off work, but rather than do this project on my own and set up yet another community and after hearing from V about GM wanting a more active community and speaking with Danny about his Pc Gaming Blog site I decided to see how GM would feel about an expansion to they current site rather than GM, myself and Danny having 3 separate sites, to have 1 Very Active community.


    By adding my features hopefully we can get people to provide input and making GM much more active at the same time.

    News - We'd need a team of admins or writers to keep this section upto date, on that draft above I have just copied and pasted randomenss. But with a team it could tarck the progress of match teams

    - Gm star to compete in ETF2L
    -Voi promoted to Div4
    - Relun wins premiership in Football manager live
    - Disco gives birth

    it can be personal news about clan members, official gaming news or community news

    Blogs - Gaming experiences, personal experiences, need help getting a gf, music reviews, film reviews, how to make pancakes.

    Radio - My personal pet

    - Music only shows
    - Match commentaries
    - Talk Shows
    - Games


    A sub section of this could also be podcasts - not comfortable with doing shows, just wana show off your music or mixing skills then create a DJ profile which can get filled with links to podcasts.

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  2. Re: GM Expansion? new website and stuff

    Sounds mint Relun-person!

    EDIT: Give relun-person as much support as possible!

    radio would be epic!

    Snowdogs EPIC old-school hour
    Sidenote: Let me take you down, cuz im going too~~

    This is gonna be epic, FUDGE YES!
  3. Re: GM Expansion? new website and stuff

    Yes, this will be happening once we get donations for a vBulletin license etc. :)
  4. Relun Follow The Relun

    Re: GM Expansion? new website and stuff

    no need I have a vbulletin licence and blog software that I dont use anymore. all it needs is £30 to renew the license for updates, just pm me or message me on steam if you want it

    EDIT: PM'd
  5. Ray

    Re: GM Expansion? new website and stuff

    I pm'd darki a request on turning the main page into a GM blog which the admins could update. It would be good to post things like community matches & would look much neater than the current page. I'm experienced with Wordpress & Themes so I could fix it all up.

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