GM internal tournament?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Reverend, 13 Jul 2008.

  1. Reverend lame

    GM internal tournament?

    i think we can do two tournaments, teams and 1vs1 soldier. In clan is many members so it can be fun and ptions how to improve skills.
    6vs6 two maps for match, depend on how many members would like to play, " play off " will be first two teams one match or 4 teams sudden death, just one match and who win is in final. In teams random members not squads:P

    everybody will play with everybody, 10 minutes round. Firts 4 go to play off, two matches, who win go to final.

    what do u think? :?
  2. Re: GM internal tournament?

    I think i will "host" a soldier cup by my own at some point, but first i need p0t_n00dle to create me 3 maps. I have to talk to him first, if he has time for that. If he does, i'd like to host such an event during this summer. And it will be plain knockout.

    sounds like fun. Should be mixed teams though. Not a X,F,Z tourney. So that players of different teams get known to each other. Could be random teams. But with respect to skilllevel, so that the skilllevel is equal in every team. ... Just an idea. Doesn't have to be like that. I'll play anyway.
  3. Reverend lame

    Re: GM internal tournament?

    i think for 1vs1 soldier we can play on map duel_duel2.. i hope more members will play this:)
  4. Re: GM internal tournament?

    duel_duel2 sucks, but we can use it for sure
  5. Reverend lame

    Re: GM internal tournament?

    maybe sux but its good map for 1vs1 i think:)
  6. Re: GM internal tournament?

    I dislike it because:
    - There is just one exit for each player, which means, if you win the first battle you can stand beside the door and try to shoot the other player when he leaves it... Kind of unhonorable, but it's the way it is played. I prefer maps with at least 2 exists, so that there is no exit camping possible.

    - There are no obstacles in the map. On every relevant map you can/haveto use the obstacles to your advantage. But thats a matter of taste. If you have a bad ping the missing of obstancles is very disadvantageous

    as i said. I'll play duel_duel2 too.

    A nice map without obstances is dm_hans. You spawn at one of (don't know exactly) 10 doors, and if you leave it you can't go back inside.
  7. Re: GM internal tournament?

    a guy once wanted to promote his Soldier skills 1v1 on the tf2 steam forums...
    well it got closed and:

    I still think a random 6v6 is better.
  8. Re: GM internal tournament?

    i still think, it can be fun! 6vs6 will be more fun.
  9. Reverend lame

    Re: GM internal tournament?

    lol :lol: :lol: well its on members, if they want play some tournament or not.....

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