GM-X/F/Z etc. teams

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Protantus, 8 Jul 2008.

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    GM-X/F/Z etc. teams

    I have played against the GM teams and with them and they are good (especially SeXsi, thanks for handing me my ass on a plate last game!), but I will never really get to join, especially as some seem very limited in access. So I think we need an open [GM] team who can roll up, first 6, 8 whatever avaialble and play for the heck of it. No set team, no reserves.

    Only way this would work is if we can have a set game against X,Y,F etc at a set time, first come first on. We may learn and the GM teams may uncover new talent.

    Any thoughts ([GM] only) on when would suit - I know we tend to have other commitments which prevents looking at the regular teams but a rough concesus would do.

    Aplogies if this is already set up - I have not had time to trawl the forum.
  2. Re: GM-X/F/Z etc. teams

    Seems similar to the pickup concept.
    I think the idea is good, but brings one problem to my mind:

    - how to ensure that X, Y, Z or F are not waiting for no good, because to less people join

    If you or someone else manages to get this open team working it might be a worthfull addition to the clan, and the open team matches might even be used to evaluate new recruits
  3. Protantus Original Member

    Re: GM-X/F/Z etc. teams

    I think there are enough [GM] to manage this if everyone knows the match time. Those that can make it do so, and we may even outnumber the GM-? team and make a match of it. The key is the match time would have to be consitent so that it becomes the time for the casuals/new members to play. If not enough turn up then I am sure the GM-? team would sub us a member or two ;)
  4. Re: GM-X/F/Z etc. teams

    I'm interested in Nomad's thoughts about this.
  5. Th-

    Re: GM-X/F/Z etc. teams

    As am I. Please get something regular going with clear announcements. Improvements will come later. JUST DO IT please ty.
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: GM-X/F/Z etc. teams

    Match on every monday and we had a match today. It just wasn't announced .

    I think there is enough going on to keep everyone happy.

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