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  1. [GM'E] Squad

    Ok, here is it, the long awaited new GamingMasters team :D

    1. General Information

    The tag is [GM'E], the full name is [GM] Easy. The team will be a 6vs6 team with 3 reservists. I will sign up the team in ESL 6vs6, there will be about one match per week. The ESL 6vs6 is a ladder, not a league, so we have some free space to organize matches.
    The Steam group can be found here.

    Up to now the name ist not sure, but I think it will be the Easy ;)

    2. What you have got to have to apply

    Just post here with your favorite class. I will decide who I want to have in the team and who not. There is no criteria like how good you should be, but you should have the time to play, have a headset and speak rather good english.

    3. Form of application
    (yep, I stole this part from Myke :D)
    Primary class: The class you apply for
    Secondary class: The class you can play alternatively
    Additinal Info: if you are experienced in 6vs6 matches and so on... things you think I should know. This field is optional!!

    4. Squad members
    1. gRend (Medic / Soldier) [Leader]
    2. BeauChaotica (Sniper / Pyro / Scout)
    3. Confirmed for Brawl (Demoman)
    4. iBunny (Soldier)
    5. XO (Sniper / Medic / Pyro)
    6. Vacoy (Heavy / Soldier)
    7. Fuego (Allrounder, has atm not enough time for being full member)
    8. core (Allrounder)
    9. Darkimmortal (Heavy/Sniper/Scout)
    10. chris (Heavy / Engie / Medic)
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    Good luck with this :)
  3. Re: [GM'E] Squad

    Primary class:[/p] The class you apply for : Spy
    Secondary class: The class you can play alternatively: Demoman
    Additinal Info: Never played any matches. Thats why i wanna join, Its fun and i wanna learn new stuff.
  4. Re: [GM'E] Squad

    Primary class:[/p] demoman
    Secondary class: Scout , Soldier
    Additinal Info: dunno what to say , just love to play matches with members from GM :)
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    You may both get in the team, I will decide in one week who is in the team and who not.
  6. XOo

    Re: [GM'E] Squad

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    Gren, go and try out LoeL... He's a decent Demoman and Brawl is a good Soldier too ;)
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  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: [GM'E] Squad

    ! Awesome pic there Grend XD

    Easy Company is fine, but I still like Evolution :D Also how are there going to be two 'E teams? Won't that get confusing? Or will one change :P
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    why 2 E teams?
    there is no second E Team afaik...
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    I think it is ugly :D

    There aren´t two E´teams, we are just still thinking about the name^^
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    Primary class: Heavy (What else ;))
    Secondary class: Engineer
    Third class: Medic

    I dont have much experience with 6vs6 matches, but I think i would fit in that team very well with all the medics and the other heavys. :) BTW, the logo looks really cool, is the name still at issue?
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    Ok, this was the information I needed from core :)

    chris is in the team, thx to all others wo applied :)

    but don´t worry, one wise man said: "if you don´t have a team...just found one" :D
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    Nice logo gRend but you might want to remove that frame :)

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